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Geek Poster Gallery – Marvel Comics, Doctor Who, Movies, TV, and More

Today we wrap up our poster coverage.  So far this week we’ve covered some DC Comics posters and some Star Wars posters.  Well, today we’ll finish with a miscellaneous mixture of comic book, movie, and television posters.  Please feel free to share any of your favorite posters in the comments!

This first one is a beautiful Daredevil poster from the Born Again storyline by Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli.  I love this poster and kept it hung in my room for years.

Daredevil Born Again poster by David Mazzucchelli

I found this cool Jack Kirby Fantastic Four tin sign recently at a flea market.  I simply couldn’t pass it up.  I slapped some magnets on the back and it’s stuck to the door of my Comicatorium.

Fantastic Four tin sign

I love me some Scud The Disposable Assassin.  I ordered this poster in the ’90s from the back of a Scud comic.  Click the image to enlarge.

Scud the Disposable Assassin poster

I’ve got a ton of Doctor Who posters, all of which came included with Doctor Who Magazine over the years.  I really like this particular one and it’s still hanging in my Comicatorium.

Doctor Who - David Tennent and Freema Agyeman poster

This Doctor Who poster includes the final quote from the original series that ran 1963-1989.  Great line and great delivery by Sylvester McCoy.  The combination of the quote and all the Doctors (up to that point) kept this poster on my wall throughout the Doctor Who Wilderness Years (1989-2005).

Doctor Who poster

This U.N.I.T. poster from Doctor Who is inspired brilliance!  Another one that graced my wall for years.

Doctor Who U.N.I.T. poster

The Rocketeer.  Need I say more?

Rocketeer poster

Call me a sucker for hype, but I was totally jazzed about the Lost in Space feature film.  I was working at AMC Theatres at the time and coordinated a large promotion for the film.   This is another one-sheet.

Lost in Space one sheet movie poster

Lost Boys… the ultimate 1980s vampire film.  Loved it!

Lost Boys poster

Ummmm… Okay, not really geek.  However, G N’ R played a large role in my high school years, so I gotta give them a nod here.

Guns N' Roses Appetite for Destruction poster

This is a promotional poster distributed by ABC to promote the launch of MacGyver.  I loved this show!  This poster is pretty beat, but that just shows how much it was loved.

MacGyver promotional poster

Here is a one-sheet for Roger Rabbit’s Trail Mix-Up.  I’ve never actually seen the short, but I thought the poster was lots of fun.

Roger Rabbit Trail Mix-Up one-sheet movie poster

That wraps up our coverage of posters for this week!  Hope you enjoyed it!  Again, feel free to share your own personal favorite posters in the comments.

11 thoughts on “Geek Poster Gallery – Marvel Comics, Doctor Who, Movies, TV, and More

  1. Lost Boys…ever notice how far back Haim is pushed in the poster, and no Feldman. Dissin’ the Coreys.

    G N’ R, really? i mean i see Axl but who are those other guys? I mean Slash and Duff, they were form Velvet Revolver wern’t they? and those other guys who are they, they aren’t in G N’R…(sigh)

    The MacGyver poster…first thing i thought of was Quantum Leap with the Blue lightning and ‘blue cloud’ behind him

  2. @44: Seriously, you don’t know Steven Adler and Izzy Stradlin?

    I have never seen Trail Mix-Up either, although I have fond memories of Tummy Trouble, which was attached to Honey, I Shrunk The Kids. Wasn’t there a third one as well, about a rollercoaster?

  3. Also, I dig that Lost In Space poster, even though the movie left something to be desired. And The Rocketeer poster is a classic!

  4. Luke – 44 is mocking the current state of Guns N’ Roses. He’s actually one of the biggest G N’ R fans you’d ever meet. I thought I was a big fan until I met him.

  5. Thanks for sharing as always. Just curious, what did you think of the final issues of Scud that came out recently?

  6. Onthink – I’m embarrassed to say those issues are still in my enormous “to read” pile. I read the first of the four and thought it was glorious! A true return to the golden years. Then I decided to re-read all the previous issues before reading any more of the new ones. That decision has trapped it in my “to read” limbo. I need to dig out the new issues and just read them as is.

    What did you think?

  7. I was amazingly excited when I heard Schrab was finishing the series. When I finally sat down to read them I felt they were good, but something was missing when compared to the first part of the run. Now, I haven’t re-read the originals so maybe I am crazy but I think Schrab is not as cynical as his younger days. His art was spot on for the series and overall I’d say I wasn’t disappointed. But I guess it’s kind of like when Seinfeld or the Sopranos ended, I was sad to see it end in an unexpected way…

    Let me know when you finally get the chance to read them for yourself. I can go into specifics without ruining it for you.

  8. Hey, is your Gn’R poster full size or 11×17? I have an 11″x17″ that is autographed. Do know the value of these?

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