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I Unleashed Shagg Upon the World!

That’s right, True Believers… I Unleashed Shagg Upon the World! Let all beware! (Well… maybe my mom unleashed Shag upon the world.  There’s probably a pretty good, “your momma” joke in there somewhere.) What a great splash page!  I love it!  It was drawn by Jack Kirby and Dick Ayers and appeared in Journey into […]


Geek Poster Gallery – Marvel Comics, Doctor Who, Movies, TV, and More

Today we wrap up our poster coverage.  So far this week we’ve covered some DC Comics posters and some Star Wars posters.  Well, today we’ll finish with a miscellaneous mixture of comic book, movie, and television posters.  Please feel free to share any of your favorite posters in the comments! This first one is a […]


Geek Links – 2009.10.13

I thought I would provide some links to funny and interesting things I’ve come across lately.  Some of these were sent to me by friends, others found on listservs, and some I just stumbled across.  Enjoy! Superhero Facebook Status Updates on Comics Alliance Spoiler pics from new Doctor Who including Matt Smith in David Tennant’s […]

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