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Listen Up – Podcast Appearances on Star Wars, Gerry Conway, Years in Review, Blackest Night, and more

Listen up folks!  I recently appeared on an episode of the fantastic and hilarious podcast TWO TRUE FREAKS!

Hosts Scott Gardner and Chris Honeywell were kind enough to invite me to join them for Star Wars Monthly Monday #20 (Two True Freaks episode #122).  In this episode we talked about Star Wars in general, and then reviewed Marvel Comics Star Wars issues #48-50 from 1981.  This included one of the BEST Marvel Star Wars comics and also one of the WORST! Also in this episode is Todd Grady talking about the Star Wars Clone Wars cartoon Season 1 Episode 14.  I had an absolute blast!  These guys are hilarious and really know their Star WarsClick here to check out their awesome podcast.

Two True Freaks Star Wars Monthly Monday

I’ve also appeared on a number of other podcasts over the past several months.  I’m a horrible friend.  My friends have been kind enough to invite me onto their shows, they’ve been excellent hosts, and then I failed to pimp their shows here.  I suck.  It’s been months and months and months since I last gave these guys a shout out.

Views from the Longbox

This first batch of podcasts were all recorded with good buddy Michael Bailey (of Views from the Longbox, From Crisis to Crisis: A Superman Podcast, and Tales of the JSA).  He’s been kind enough to invite me to participate a number of times and I always enjoy bantering with him.  Some of these were recorded some time ago, so please forgive if they are covering things from a while back.

Episode 103 – Gerry Conway Interview (released April 2010)
We interviewed Gerry Conway, comics and TV legend! Gerry was extraordinarily generous with his time sitting down with us for about two hours. We tackled his entire comics and TV career, yet only scratched the surface of his body of work.  We discussed how Gerry started in comics, his work on Firestorm, Steel: The Indestructible Man, Justice League Detroit, the Superman vs. The Amazing Spider-Man crossover, Iron Man, DC during the Explosion and Implosion and much, much more. We even get to talk some Law and Order: Criminal IntentClick here for more information.

Episode 100 (released January – March 2010)
Mike invited me to help celebrate the centennial episode of Views from the Longbox!  We had a blast recording this monster of an episode.  It went on so long, Mike had to break it into three parts.

During the episode, we talked about the origins of Views from the Longbox, read a bunch of e-mails that sparked a good bit of conversation, I retold my own comic book origin story, and we gave our favorite and least favorite moments on the show.  Then we took live callers to help celebrate 100 episodes!  Calls came from:

1997 in Comics (released December 2009)
Mike embarked on a fascinating 13-part journey reviewing comics from his first 13 years of collecting.  Each episode covered a single year, starting with ‘87 and working his way towards 1999.  In addition to covering the relevant comics from each year, Mike shared personal stories about his life and activities during these times. Mike was kind enough to invite me to join him covering 1997 – a very interesting years for comics. We talked about: Electro-Blue Superman, our comic collections, the Pulp Heroes (DC’s 1997 Annual event), The Kents, Secret Files and Origins, the death of Wonder Woman, the new Golden Age Wonder Woman, Superboy and the Ravers, the first appearance of Arrowette, Men in Black, Batman and Robin, Spawn, Steel, Heroes Return, Faces of the DCU, New Year’s Evil, Superman Red/Superman Blue, the return of Lex Luthor, Superman Secret Files and Origins #1, and much, much more.  It went so long, Mike had to break it into two parts.

Views from Sector 666 (released in March 2010, recorded in October 2009)
This time out I joined Mike and Thomas Deja (of DJ’s Comics Cavalcade and Better in the Dark) as we discussed the third month of Blackest Night books.  Issues specifically discussed include: Blackest Night #3, Green Lantern #46, Green Lantern Corps #40, Blackest Night Superman #2, Blackest Night Batman #2, and Blackest Night Titans #2.   The commentary is both fast and furious and everyone has some ranting time.  Oh, and I TOTALLY called Sinestro as the White Lantern.  Crazy!  Click here for more information.

The Unique Geeks

Next up are two podcasts I recorded with the gang over at THE UNIQUE GEEK.

Impromptu Podcast (February 2010)
Jon, Serv, Ron, Cary, Ed, and I get together for an impromptu recording.  We mostly just chat and happen to stumble upon a few interesting topics (well to us anyway).  Including: Great Actors, things that disturb us, and our favorite bad movies.  Click here for more information.

2009 – The Geek Year In Review (January 2010)
Jon, Serv, Ron, Cary, Ed, Sterling, Need Coffee’s very own Widge and Scott, and I blather on about the year that was 2009. We hit on what was the best and worst of 2009 in geekdom. We also have a brief explanation of where the heck we have been for 4 months.    Click here for more information.

That’s it for now.  Now get listening!

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  1. The Gerry Conway interview is not to be missed… mostly because of all the questions I submitted!

    I keed I keed! Seriously thats a great interview.

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