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Pins from Marvel Comics, Independents Comics, Movies, and TV

As mentioned yesterday, I was a big fan of comic-related pins in the late-80s and through the mid-90s.  Yesterday we featured pins from DC Comics, today we’re going to feature pins from Marvel Comics, independent comic companies, movies, and TV.

Thankfully comic companies were generous with giveaway pins and also sold some nice quality cloisonne pins. Cloisonne pins are small decorative pins worn on the lapel of a coat or shirt collar. Typically these pins are made from metal and enamel.

Below is a collection of my pins that relate to Marvel Comics and other independent comic publishers…

Pins from Marvel Comics, Valiant Comics, Malibu Comics, and more

Here are the pins shown above:

  • On the left-hand side in the middle are two Spider-Man plastic pins.  I still wear the Santa Spidey during the Christmas season.
  • Next to Spidey is a Ghost Rider plastic pin with reflective gold paint.
  • Above that is a unusual Hulk cloisonne pin.  It’s labeled “Marvel Mania Hollywood”, but I got it from a bus driver in Orlando.  Not entirely sure what this pin is about.
  • Towards the bottom on the left-hand side are cloisonne pins of Doom 2009 and Daredevil.  In the middle is a cloisonne pin of Gambit in standard X-Men blue and gold
  • At the top right you’ve got the Evil Ernie “Have a Psychotic Day” button from Chaos! Comics.
  • Beneath that are cloisonne pins of the Malibu Comics logo and Diamond Comics logo.  Finally next to those is Valiant’s Shadowman cloisonne pin.

Next up are geeky movie or TV related pins…

Movie and TV related buttons

Here are the pins shown above:

  • In the top left-hand corner you’ve got a Star Wars Episode I pin from Random House to help promote reading.
  • In the bottom left-hand corner you’ve got a pin promoting the Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition in 1997 that was distributed to movie theater staff to wear.
  • In the middle top and bottom are two Star Wars Fan Club items from the late 1970s.  You’ve got the metal C-3PO pendant (which doubled as an earring for me in the 80s) and a Star Wars Fan Club patch.  In case you didn’t know, patches were huge in the 70s.
  • In the middle bottom is a Darth Vader cloisonne pin.
  • The top right-hand corner features a Superman: The Animated Series pin promoting the show on the WB network.
  • In the middle right-hand side is a neat Rocketeer “Thrill Club” pin.  Cool look and shape to this pin.
  • Finally in the bottom right-hand corner is another pin that came with the Press Kit for the 1989 Batman movie.

Finally we’ve got a few Doctor Who related pins…

Doctor Who pins

Here are the pins shown above:

  • The Doctor Who Fan Club of America pin is temperature sensitive.  When I first got this pin I would try all kinds of crazy temperature experiments (i.e. putting it in the freezer, under a hot light bulb, etc).
  • In the top right is the small Ice Warrior cloisonne pin.  I’ve always had a weakness for the Ice Warriors.  I hope they bring them back in the new series soon.
  • And finally the red question mark pin.  I wore this pin more than any other.  It wasn’t obviously from Doctor Who, so I felt I could wear it without singling myself out as a Whovian.  I also like the idea of demonstrating my inquisitiveness.  It certainly drew some attention over the years.

That’s it for my geeky pins.  If you’d like to share a geeky pin of your own, please do so in the comments!

Movie and TV  related buttons

Here are the pins shown above:

4 thoughts on “Pins from Marvel Comics, Independents Comics, Movies, and TV

  1. I remember all the pins in the first picture fondly, even the ones I only ever saw in Advance Comics. They sure were cranking out those impressionistic Marvel pins in, what, 1992? I still have the cheesy Ghost Rider and that very durable Shadowman icon (well– not the clasp. I actually wore that sucker til it broke, which wasn’t long.)

  2. As a shameless plug, the Cosmic Cat got in the Green Lantern 1″ pins in this week representing all the various colors.

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