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Tenderness by General Public

For whatever reason, the 1980’s song “Tenderness” by General Public has been stuck in my head for two weeks.  While at Dragon*Con I would randomly burst into a chorus of, “Ohhhh, Tenderness”, which was immediately followed by Chocotaco’s call-back, “Where is it?!?!”   Chocotaco was kind enough to post the original MTV video to my Facebook.  Sadly I can’t embed that version here, so you’ll have to settle for a boring visual.  Enjoy!

You’re probably asking yourself why this qualifies to be on a geek-centric blog.  Well, duh… this song was featured in the John Hughes classic, Weird Science!  Geez people, stop embarrassing yourself with your ignorance.

Fun fact, back in 1985 when I first heard this song in the Weird Science film I thought they were saying “Terminus” instead of “Tenderness”.  It confused the heck out of me.  Why would they be singing about a Doctor Who episode?!?!  True story.

Doctor Who: Terminus starring Peter Davison

6 thoughts on “Tenderness by General Public

  1. You asked…”Why would they be singing about a Doctor Who episode?!?!”

    Clearly, they wouldn’t. In fact, no one would. True Story.

  2. I know you will hate me but I will take credit for planting that bug at Dragon*Con. I was the one that started singing it Thursday evening. It was on my mind because The English Beat (The Beat) was just in Orlando the week before Dragon*Con. And if you know The English Beat, one of the members of General Public went on to form The English Beat.
    Listening to a Orlando radio program on Sunday nights they play alternative music from the 80’s & 90’s. When they advertised The English Beat concert they played that song, “Tenderness”, during the commercial. Somehow that song jumped into my brain after hearing that commercial the week before.
    So, yeah, that was me. You’re welcome.

  3. I had a really good time singing TV show theme songs during that final Werewolf game. We were rockin’ the Jefferson’s theme pretty hard.

    Just sayin’, brah!

  4. Sweet Christmas, I haven’t heard this song in 20 years.

    There’s a reason for this.

    Time to load up the ultimate destroyer of any other song stuck in your head — Dare To Be Stupid!

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