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Superhero Underwear: If you buy these, please don’t tell me

While shopping at Wal-Mart this past weekend, I stumbled across these superhero briefs for men.  Yes, these are for adults.  They look like overgrown Underoos.  While I’m always thrilled to find superhero apparel, these are not something I would wear.

Superman underwear

Batman underwear

Spider-Man underwear

Iron Man Underwear

Green Lantern underwear

Captain America underwear

Flash Underwear

This takes scaring away the ladies and reinforcing stereotypes to a whole new level.   And just in case the Star Wars geeks were feeling left out… Nothing says stud quite like Darth Vader on your junk.

Darth Vader underwear

Y’know, there is somewhat of a double-standard here.  These briefs for guys are pretty embarrassing.  However, superhero briefs for girls are pretty darn sexy.  As the following picture proves…

Supergirl underwear

Yeah, those work much better on the ladies.  Sorry boys!

16 thoughts on “Superhero Underwear: If you buy these, please don’t tell me

  1. i’d sure like to try my key on her fortress of solitude! and i don’t give a crap if she’s got tattoos we can’t see in this photo it’s all good. i kinda like the idea of the lightening blot in the crotch like to represent power. but it also could give a gal the wrong idea as far as what you have to offer in terms of . . .duration. i’d have to go with the Iron Man undees. you can go wrong with those. think about it, hard and protective covering. i winning combo.

  2. In the same vein, if some guy is wearing the Flash underwear, he’s just asking for comments on his “staying prowess”…

  3. My girlfriend wanted a Star-Spangled Shield on my crotch enough to buy a pair of Cap briefs for me. Mine have the more stylish red seams/trim, though. Not the most comfortable thing, because it feels like I’ve got a “My Name Is” sticker on my peen, and I prefer boxer-briefs beside.

  4. as a girl who wears boys underwear i’m gonna say a majority of girls who wear boys underwear are batting for the other team.
    i dig it.

  5. Can anyone tell me where I can actually find a pair of Ironman boxers?? I looked at Walmart and they only have the briefs.

  6. @hahagirl – Sorry. I’m not sure. I know Wal-Mart just got a new load of superhero underwear and sleep pants/shorts. However, the underwear looked mostly like boxers. Perhaps some Iron Man sleep shorts will work instead.

    Good luck!

  7. What shop did you see this underwear display in? ‘cos the comic book store near where I live doesn’t have an underwear display.

  8. @Kelly – As mentioned in the post, these were found in Wal-Mart. However, this was posted over 2 years ago, so they are probably long gone by now. You could always check eBay, but I personally I wouldn’t buy “new” underwear from eBay. 🙂

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