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I interviewed comic book legend John Ostrander!

Firestorm Fan interview with John OstranderSorry I haven’t been posting here lately (more on that in the coming weeks).  To make things worse, I’m not even going to give you a real post today. Instead I’m going to direct you over to my other blog FIRESTORM FAN where I’ve posted my interview with comic book legend John Ostrander!

John Ostrander started in the comic book business in 1983 and was incredibly successful.  By 1987 he was writing five different monthly titles!  He is best known for his work on SUICIDE SQUAD, GRIMJACK, THE SPECTRE, and STAR WARS: LEGACY.  Ostrander has written hundreds of fantastic comics and was nominated for the Comics Buyer’s Guide Award for Favorite Writer in 1997, 1998, 1999, and 2000.  Ostrander wrote 45 issues of FIRESTORM vol II from 1987 through 1990.   Besides Firestorm co-creator Gerry Conway, Ostrander has written the character more than any other author.  Probably his most lasting contribution to the DC Universe was the recasting of the former Batgirl, Barbara Gordon, into the information and computer specialist Oracle.  Currently he is working on STAR WARS LEGACY: WAR from Dark Horse Comics.

John was kind enough to spend some time discussing his run on Firestorm with me for FIRESTORM FAN.  We discussed how Ostrander broke into the business, his time on the Firestorm comic, and his career in general.

So head over to FIRESTORM and check out comic book legend John Ostrander.

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