Bring on Your Questions for Views Fourth Anniversary

Michael Bailey and I will soon record the Views from the Longbox Fourth Anniversary special!  To celebrate we’re turning the subject matter over to the listeners.  Feel free to ask us any comic book or geek related question!  Bring on your fanboy questions! You want us to debate who is stronger, Hulk or Superman? Want us to argue which of the 2099 titles was the worst?  Think you can stump us with a trivia question?  Wonder what our favorite jawbreaker color is?  Wanna know whether to buy Ragu or Prego Spaghetti sauce?  C’mon, bring on the questions!!!

Views from the Longbox

You may submit your questions via the Views from the Longbox message board at Forum for Geeks, leave a comment here, or send questions to michael@viewsfromthelongbox.com.  If you send an e-mail, be sure to put “Fourth Anniversary Question” in the subject line.

Once the anniversary podcast is published, I’ll be sure to let you know!  We look forward to hearing your questions!

5 thoughts on “Bring on Your Questions for Views Fourth Anniversary

  1. Ok, here’s a question: What’s the best media tie-in comic book you’ve ever read? Recently, I’ve found media tie-in books increasingly disatisfying. I have decided the form may be inherently limiting — no matter how good someone else’s story about your favorite franchise characters may be, they can never measure up to the stories you create in your head. That said, though, I keep trying to satisfy “Star Trek,” “Star Wars” and (most recently) “Doctor Who” cravings with comics. I get disappointed and swear them off — but only until the next really cool solicitation comes along.

    I think the best media tie-in comic I’ve read was the short-lived “Star Trek: Early Voyages” series from Marvel, but I’m not nearly as well-read as you are. What has your experience with media tie-ins been?

    Congratulations on “Views”‘ fourth anniversary — may there be may more to come!

  2. What are your thoughts on a rebooted DC Universe? Is Flashpoint the new “Crisis”? Or is it just “Heroes Reborn” all over again???

  3. Greetings,guys! I’ll just get to my questions:

    To Mike-I just experienced, firsthand, how hard it is to be a Superman fan.  Yes, it’s true, Superman is now my 3rd favorite character, after years of being a Batman fan. I suspect your show has low level subliminal messages and since I’ve listened to every episode more than twice each. Okay, for my question: If you were a producer, how would you do a Superman show?

    To Shag-What do you think of the team of Johns and Reis on Aquaman?
    Next, who are your top 5 favorite heroes? I wouldn’t know because the episodes with you are the absolute WORST episodes Mike has ever had the misfortune to put out and Firestorm SUCKS! Anyway, mine are, in this order:
    *The Jaime Reyes(Pronounced: Highmeh Ray-es) Blue Beetle
    *The Wally West version of Flash

    Happy 4th anniversary and much much more, Mike! Oh, and Shag, I hope you realize I’m kidding! Also, you’re wrong!

    Davis Zamora/iron_patriot of the Crawlspace

  4. I really want to know how Mike feels about Superman giving up his American citizenship, although I guess it’s probably going to be a moot point in September.

    I also want to know how Shag can justify his dislike of Thor, when Thor is personally responsible for killing the Sentry – the worst character ever.

  5. @Davis – Thanks for your questions! Sorry, but we literally finished recording about an hour before you posted your questions. 🙁

    Thanks for listening and reading anyway.

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