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Calvin and Hobbes Snow Days – Day Two

Today is day two of CALVIN AND HOBBES SNOW DAYS!  Enjoy these snowmen strips.  Also, please consider making a pledge to Dear Mr. Watterson, a film that will look to the readers and fans of Calvin & Hobbes to tell the story of the strip and its creator.  For more information on the fund raising […]


Calvin and Hobbes Snow Days – Day One

I’m officially declaring this week CALVIN AND HOBBES SNOW DAYS!  Each day this week will spotlight a handful of Calvin & Hobbes comic strips featuring snowmen.  This collection won’t cover all of the snowman related strips, but will tackle many of them. You may recall I’ve posted before about the upcoming film, Dear Mr. Watterson.  […]


Dear Mr. Watterson… A Thank You to the Creator of Calvin and Hobbes

Dear Mr. Watterson is a film project spearheaded by Joel Allen Schroeder.  According to their website,  “Dear Mr. Watterson is a film that will look to the readers and fans of Calvin & Hobbes to tell the story of the strip and its creator. As we follow the life and career of Bill Watterson through […]


Best of DragonCon 2009 Costumes!

I’m closing out my DragonCon 2009 coverage with my favorite costume photos. Some have been shown here previously, but they bear repeating. To see all of my DragonCon photos, be sure to visit my Flickr page. If you have a favorite costume that I left out, be sure to mention it in the comments. A […]


Looking for Calvin and Hobbes

There is a book coming out in October that I’m anxious for … Looking for Calvin and Hobbes: The Unconventional Story of Bill Watterson and His Revolutionary Comic Strip by Nevin Martell. If you’ve been reading ONCE UPON A GEEK for a while, then you probably know I’m a big fan of Calvin & Hobbes.  […]


Calvin and Hobbes For Parents

As a parent, and a geek desperately clinging to his childhood, this image really speaks to me. I’ve been a huge fan of Calvin & Hobbes since the early days of its publication.  I’ve got my own inner-Calvin, so I really connected with the daily strip.  I was very wrapped up in the series back […]


Why My Bookshelf is Cooler than Yours

…unless of course you’ve got these too.  Then you’re in the cool kids club.


Calvin and Hobbes Manga-Style

Here are some interesting manga-style interpretations of Calvin and Hobbes.  The recent Charlie Brown Manga-Style post seemed to spark a lot of discussion, so I thought I’d do another on one of my all-time favorites.  If you have any sense of humor or love for childhood, then Calvin and Hobbes is probably one of your […]

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