10 thoughts on “Why My Bookshelf is Cooler than Yours

  1. No; sadly, my bookshelf is just cluttered up by the “Complete Calvin and Hobbes” hardcover set from a few years ago…

  2. Hmmm. Limited edition hardcover set vs diligently collecting all the original volumes… really, since it is Calvin & Hobbes, there’s no way to lose.

  3. This REALLY pains me to say, but here goes … Steven Marsh… you are official in the .. *ouch* .. cool kids club.

    Man, that was painful to type. 🙂

  4. I’ve got a couple of the original volumes, but I’ve also got the 5-ton brick known as the Complete Calvin and Hobbes. I’m afraid to put it any higher than the bottom shelf for fear that it’ll collapse! (But then Comic Book Tattoo has a similar problem.)

  5. Oh, how I miss Calvin and Hobbes. It never gets old, and it remains one of the best strips about childhood ever created. That, and the early Peanuts strips.

  6. I will have to post my coolest small library.

    I have had most of those. I passed many on to my nephew who has practically read them to death.

  7. Yep. Sorry, but I’ve got the Complete 3 x Hardcover volume, too. It’s got loads of really interesting stuff at the beginning which talks about the development of the series.

    I love C&H. I only discovered them a few years ago (I’m so behind the times).

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