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Empire Strikes Back – Pop-up Video Style

Remember VH1’s Pop-Up Videos?  Can you imagine a Pop-Up Video for Empire Strikes Back?  Well, someone else did. Building Empire is an amazing fan-made film providing tons of behind the scenes facts about Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.   For example, have you ever heard about the abandoned Wampa attack subplot in Empire?  It’s covered […]


Star Wars Poster Gallery – Theater One-Sheets, Photomosaics, and Propaganda Posters

The past couple days we’ve featured some DC Comics posters. Well, today we’ll tackle some Star Wars posters!  I’ve owned many more Star Wars posters than just these over the years, but the following are still in my possession.  Tomorrow we’ll finish up our poster coverage with some other films, some Marvel comics, television, and […]


Ewoks Save the Day – Vintage Pop-Up Book

My wife and children surprised me last week with a fantastic geek find.  While perusing a collection of used books, they found a cute little Return of the Jedi tie-in book entitled The Ewoks Save the Day.  This is a pop-up book that was produced in 1983.  It’s super fun and super cute.  Here are […]

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