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Doctor Who Opening Credits Mash-Ups

These are fun! I think the Buffy and Friends ones are probably the best put together.


Have a Happy and Geeky Halloween!

Have a Happy and Geeky Halloween!


Dragon*Con 2009 Recap – Day One

Dragon*Con was four days of zany geekiness with 30,000 of my closest friends. Today kicks off my recap of celebrities, costumes, events, friends, swag and more!  While I’ll cover a lot, this is only a fraction of what took place during Dragon*Con 2009.  At certain times, there were as many as 50 different simultaneous sessions […]


TONIGHT! Torchwood – Children of Earth

After waiting over 14 months, tonight we finally get the next installment of Torchwood!  Instead of a 13-episode full season, we’re getting a five-part mini-series entitled, “Children Of Earth”.  This storyline airs over five consecutive nights – July 6 through 10 on the regular BBC, and July 20 through 24 on BBC America.  It’s disappointing […]


DragonCon Day 2 – The Days Are Just Packed

SATURDAY As I write this blog entry, I’m realizing just how seriously crammed-full Saturday was.  What a blast of a day! We survived the night packed like sardines in our room.  There was myself, Serv, Race, Jon, Ravenface, and Shockwave all sharing “Harvey Dent’s Room”.  It was a little cramped. After showers, Jon, Race, and […]

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