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Looking for Feedback from ONCE UPON A GEEK Readers

Once Upon a GeekHey gang! More of an administrative post today.  I was hoping to get some feedback from you readers about a change I’ve recently made to the blog.

If you look in the right-hand sidebar I’ve added two Twitter feeds, one for comic books and one for Doctor Who (both popular topics here).  I thought this might be a nice geek-news aggregation resource for readers while on my site.  What I’m looking to find out is if this is useful to you.  If not, are there any ways to make it useful to you (i.e. list 10 tweets instead of 5, create a feed for Star Wars, only show tweets from news sources, etc).  Also, is there anything I can do to make the blog more interesting or relevant for you?

Typically when I ask for feedback like this I get a couple responses.  That’s depressing considering hundreds of people read this site everyday.  I can prove you’re not alone.  Scroll down to the bottom of the sidebar.  Towards the bottom, there is a section labeled “Users Currently Online”.  That’s the number of people on ONCE UPON A GEEK at that moment.  See, you’re not alone.  Now c’mon folks, help me out here.  Suggestions you provide will only make your experience better here.  Y’all are a great audience, so I’d appreciate any feedback you’ve got to share.  Please feel free to comment here or send me an e-mail at  Thanks!

10 thoughts on “Looking for Feedback from ONCE UPON A GEEK Readers

  1. I like what you’ve done – a useful service. Of course the only issue would be space. I tend to find, at least on my site, that the further down something is in the right hand column the less chance there is of anyone actually reading it (but then perhaps that’s just me!)

  2. For what it’s worth, I read your site via RSS, so I seldom visit your site directly (unless I feel compelled to post a comment or reply).

  3. While the Twitter feed is a fun feature, I found for Girls Gone Geek, it was preventing people from accessing our site as it was getting marked as “social networking.” That is something to consider.

    I love Twitter, and I read your tweets on Twitter. When I read your posts, I usually just go directly to the post, read, and then onward into whatever other rabbit hole I’ve chosen.

  4. Same as Steven, I read OUAG (and Firestorm Fan) through an RSS reader, so I had not even noticed the Twitter feeds until you pointed them out.

    I like the content here since it is so varied. It’s fresh all the time since I never know if it is going to be comics or SW or Who or what. (Pun intended.) So I have no complaints in that department save that your Cyberman coverage is severely lacking, because Cybermen are the best Who badguys ever.

  5. Thankfully, I’m still able to get to your site in spite of the Twitter feeds – at least, for the moment.

    You have a whole lot of stuff on the right-hand sidebar. It’s not an eyesore or anything like that, but it’s really busy. I had to scroll a lot just to look at the “Users Currently Online” count that you mentioned.

  6. I’m with Acrobatic Flea and Chocotaco; you have a lot going on over there to the right. My opinion: You have too much going on over there.
    If you have Recent Post and Recent Comments at the bottom of the page, why do you need them on the sidebar also?

  7. I think you a great job of covering mainstream and offbeat ‘geek culture’ Shag, but yeah I guess if you have a Twitter feed for Dr Who, a Star Wars one would be a good idea.

    Although that might mean finding the right space or place on the blog for it.


  8. I think you know I’m a fan, and you’re certainly one of the most well-versed I know. You’re also a good writer, and I’d love to see more of your opinions about comic book trends (your piece on the multiverse was a good example) and individual comics/flicks/DVDs. Your comments on Starfire alone made me laugh out loud.

  9. I simply could not care less about Dr. Who, but I would never dream of suggesting you do less about it here. Its your blog, you should be able to write about whatever you damn like!

    That said, less Dr. Who.

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