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900 Years Old

I absolutely love this!  Original can be found at My thanks to SGhoul for sending this my way.


More Star Wars Shirts from TeeFury

Earlier this week we featured a handful of Star Wars themed shirts from  Today we’re going to look at some more! TeeFury offers one new limited-edition geeky tee every 24 hours for $9.  You can’t buy these particular shirts anymore, but they are still worth a chuckle.  Click each photo for more information on […]


My Geek Birthday – Doctor Who TARDIS Cake and Cookie Jar

I was totally overwhelmed and touched by all the birthday wishes I received last week!  My thanks to all of you that sent messages through Facebook, ultimately bringing the social networking goliath to its knees on Thursday.  I was on the road for work on my actual birthday, but I was able to catch dinner […]


The Yoda and Dinah Show – Black Canary Gets Angry

The latest installment in THE YODA AND DINAH SHOW!  This time out, Black Canary gets angry!


The Yoda and Dinah Show – Her Type of Guy

The latest installment in THE YODA AND DINAH SHOW!


The Yoda and Dinah Show – Size Matters

Here’s another installment in THE YODA AND DINAH SHOW!


Yoda was wrong!

It’s nice to know that even Yoda recognizes when he’s made a mistake.


Star Wars Poster Gallery – Theater One-Sheets, Photomosaics, and Propaganda Posters

The past couple days we’ve featured some DC Comics posters. Well, today we’ll tackle some Star Wars posters!  I’ve owned many more Star Wars posters than just these over the years, but the following are still in my possession.  Tomorrow we’ll finish up our poster coverage with some other films, some Marvel comics, television, and […]


Star Wars Motivational Posters

I’ve come across some great motivational posters over the years, but these Star Wars ones are some of my favorites. If you love the image above as much as I do, then click here. If you don’t know what “Rule 34″ is, look it up.


When 900 Christmas trees you decorate, look as good you will not

I’m a big believer that Christmas decorations should not be put out until at least December 1.  Not the day after Thanksgiving, and definitely not right after Halloween.  Call me old fashioned, but for me December 1st marks the beginning of Christmas season.  That means starting today LET THE TINSEL FLY! This Christmas us geeks […]

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