Rejected Star Wars Product Designs

These are awesome!  I simply love these rejected Star Wars product designs.  To see more and to read the story behind them, click here.

This is exactly what every geek needs for Saturday afternoon!

Death Star Grill

I seriously would buy one of these sun shields right now!  I’ve got cash ready!

Star Wars Sun Shield

This are hilarious!  I’d love to have a Wampa or Bantha head mounted on my wall!

Star Wars Big Game Trophies

This next one was one of the more outlandish ideas, but probably the most clever too.

Star Wars Tauntaun costume

Many thanks to my old buddy Shockwave for pointing these out to me.  Don’t forget, be sure to visit Action Figure Insider to see the rest.

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10 Responses to “Rejected Star Wars Product Designs”

  1. Darius Whiteplume Says:

    I am not a huge SW fan, but I would so buy that sun shield! Turn my Mini into the Millennium Falcon? You bet! Nice post.

  2. Acrobatic Flea Says:

    I’d buy all of those! The Death Star grill for geeky BBQ in the garden, the sun shields for our car, the creature head trophies for the gamesroom (although I suspect my wife would draw the line at these) and the Tauntaun suit is just sublime… if I culdn’t fit in it, it would almost be worth having children so I could force them to wear it :)

  3. BubbaShelby Says:

    Wait…you mean to tell me George Lucas draws the line at BBQs and sun visors?!?!

  4. Silverback Says:

    I got to see these a little while back and I think that they would be a lot of fun. There are some more great ideas behind the link above.

  5. Matt B Says:

    These rejected products are much better than a lot of other Star Wars merchandise I’ve seen.

  6. Mark Stahler Says:

    Those are awesome, thanks for sharing. I thought all of those would be cool.

  7. JW Says:

    Wow someone will need to make these on instrucables dot com, pretty easy mods if you ask me!

  8. Erika Says:

    Oh my God, the grill is genius! I would totally buy one of those sun shields.

  9. Todd Elliott Says:

    I would be grilling on that right now if they had it.

  10. Carnivore Says:

    Ditto. I’d also have to make little X-wing noises when I put sausages on the grill.

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