Doctor Who Opening Credits Mash-Ups

These are fun! I think the Buffy and Friends ones are probably the best put together.

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4 Responses to “Doctor Who Opening Credits Mash-Ups”

  1. Ed Says:

    Those were absolutely brilliant. Being a Buffy fan that version was pretty awesome. But to be honest, the Dallas version was the best.
    Great finds, Shag.

  2. Luke Says:

    Agreed, Ed — the Dallas one was spot on.

    The BTVS was a good mashup but since I have always hated that piece of music, as well as the series, it does nothing for me.

    The BSG one is good but I was sort of hoping for a classic BSG one instead.

  3. Doctor Who Opening Credits Mash-up | Absurdly Nerdly Says:

    […] I was browsing my nerd blogs the other day, like I do every day, and found Doctor Who to other shows theme songs (mash- up of opening credits). I traced back to the original source, the blog which pulled them from the internet and put them in one posting. Then I went and found my own favorites. This is what youtube was made for. Most of the mash-ups are of David Tennant, I know this is because everyone thinks he is so good looking, but thankfully I did find some of Matt Smith, my  Doctor. [via The Mary Sue and Once Upon a Geek] […]

  4. Shag Says:

    Thanks to Absurdly Nerdly, I just saw “Firefly” and “X-Files”. Good stuff!


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