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Spider-Man, Spider-Man… sing with me now…

In an earlier post I mentioned I had begun the TRUE education of my two-year old daughter.  Well, one of the things children love more than anything is music.  A while back, my wife and I were unfortunate enough to stumble across a couple children’s music CDs. We purchased them for my step-son who really showed […]


Father’s Day… MY DAY!

What a great Father’s Day I had!  My wife made chocolate chip muffins for breakfast, I spent the morning playing with the kids, then we all swam in pool for the first time this season, next I got to eat Sonny’s barbeque for lunch, and finally we went to the comic book shop!  What a fun stress-free day! […]


Incredible Hulk… Is he really that “Incredible”?

In honor of the new “Incredible Hulk” movie.  This is hilarious! I ganked it from Michael Bailey, who ganked it from dj_intheuk. 


Doctor Who Poll

I thought a poll might be fun today!  So… who is your favorite actor to play “The Doctor” on Doctor Who?  I’m excluding David Tennant and Tom Baker from the poll because they always top the list of favorites.  This way, I thought you might have to work a littler harder to choose. Please use the […]


Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of Shag’s Review

I finally saw “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”. I liked it. Yup, I’m one of the few geeks I know that actually enjoyed the movie. Now, I have to admit that I was probably not impartial going in. I’d read quite a bit of spoilers, so I was much better prepared […]


And so begins my daughter’s TRUE education…

When you are raising a very young child, you always want to keep a few things in mind when purchasing toys. First, you want to be sure the toy is safe. Second, you should ensure some of their toys have educational value. When I say educational value, I don’t mean academic education, like “book smarts”. […]


DC Comics… a newbie’s guide

I was asked to recommend a few DC comics to help a newbie reader get started. With approximately 70 years of comics published out there, it can seem a daunting task to figure out where to begin.  Personally I would recommend you start off with some of the collected editions (typically called graphic novels or trade paperbacks) available through […]


Doctor Who’s Original Bad Ass

Doctor Who’s first bad ass (and one of my favorite characters) was Abslom Daak, Dalek Killer.  He first appeared in 1980 in a back-up comic strip published in Doctor Who Weekly (later called Doctor Who Magazine).  He was created by writer Steve Moore and artist Steve Dillon.  Dillon went on to fame as one of […]


John Byrne Star Trek comic … better than I expected

Surprisingly, John Byrne’s recent comic book, “Star Trek:  Assignment Earth” #1 was actually enjoyable.  While I’m not a huge devotee of Star Trek TOS (“The Original Series” for those of you not in the know… geez), I do remember the episode “Assignment: Earth” with Gary Seven (Robert Lansing), Isis the cat, and Roberta Lincoln (a […]


Kid Who: Genesis of the Daleks

Here is another installment of KID WHO! This time we decided to watch the classic episode, “Genesis of the Daleks“. Given that the mid-season trailer showed several Daleks and hinted at the possible return of a wheelchair-bound villain, I thought this would be a good one to post. “Kid Who” features reviews of Doctor Who episodes […]

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