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Christmas with the Super-Heroes Part 2 – Presents Galore

Merry Christmas!  To help keep you in the spirit of things, please enjoy these Christmas-related comic book covers. To see yesterday’s Santa Claus comic book covers click here.  Merry Geekmas!

Ambush Bug Stocking Stuffer

Marvel Holiday Special 1992

Comic Cavalcade 9

Marvel Holiday Special 1994

Christmas with the Super-Heroes 1988

Marvel Giant Superhero Holiday Grab-Bag 1974

DC Universe Christmas

Marvel Holiday Special 1996

DCU Holiday Bash 1997

Marvel Holiday Special 2004

DCU Holiday Bash II 1998

Marvel Holiday Special 2005

DCU Holiday Bash III 1999

Marvel Holiday Special 2006

DCU Infinite Holiday Special 2006

Spider-Man Dallas Times Herald Feature

Comic Cavalcade 13

Power and Glory Holiday Special

Punisher Holiday Special 1992

Sensation Comics 38

Spider-Man Holiday Special 1995

Teen Titans 13

Marvel Holiday Special 2007

Merry Geekmas!

3 thoughts on “Christmas with the Super-Heroes Part 2 – Presents Galore

  1. Comic Cavalcade? The Voice of the Red Skull approves of Wonder Woman taking a present from the sleeping child! Obviously I’ve never had a child of my own. Nein!

    The cover where she and the rest of the Legion of Super Villains are gleefully mocking the freezing bird from the comfort of their heated room also warms Red Skull’s heart.

    And in Sensation Comics, she’s got armed back-up while she heists presents!

    Whassup with the Golden Age Super-Friends?

    Or are they Silver Age?

    Sometimes Red Skull’s skull can be… thick-skulled.

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