Recently Acquired Comic Book T-Shirts

I got a couple new comic book t-shirts recently.  My local comic book shop (Cosmic Cat Comics, Games & Anime) had a New Years Day sale – all t-shirts only $6.  So I couldn’t resist these two.

Here is an inspiring Aquaman image by the fantastic Alex Ross.

Here is a bold shirt based on Spider-Man’s black costume.  I’m not really a big fan of Venom, but I love the black costume Spider-Man wore.  The white image on this shirt is made of really thick material and is featured on both sides.  It looks really cool.

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2 Responses to “Recently Acquired Comic Book T-Shirts”

  1. Voice of the Red Skull Says:

    Red Skull asks: “What? No Red Skull t-shirt?”

  2. Todd Elliott Says:

    Aw, I had that spider-man shirt, but it got too small. Or maybe my beer gut got too big.

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