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Doctor Who Classic Action Figures… MINE, MINE, MINE!

You may recall back in September I was anxiously awaiting my Doctor Who Classic action figures from Character Options.   These are new Doctor Who action figures based upon stories from the original series (years ranging from 1963-1989).  My figures finally arrived just before Thanksgiving, but I haven’t had a chance to post them until now.

I was especially pleased to put together the “Collect and Build” figure, K1 Robot!  Basically each of the eight figures in the series included one part to the K1 Robot.  Buy all eight figures and you have all the pieces to build the K1.  Sure it’s a scheme to get you to buy all the figures, but that robot was in Tom Baker’s premiere episode so it holds a geeky (yet special) place in my heart. Besides, my nine year old step-son helped me open the packages and I let him assemble the K1.  We did this while he watched the classic Doctor Who episode “Robot”, featuring the K1!  It was a fun activity for us to do together and he enjoyed watching the episode the figure came from.

So without further ado… I proudly present my favorite action figures from when I was 12 years old (even though they didn’t actually exist back then)!

Pictured below (L to R): a Sea Devil (from the Third Doctor story ‘The Sea Devils‘ and the Fifth Doctor story ‘Warriors of the Deep‘), the Fifth Doctor (with Sonic Screwdriver), Mr. Sin and Magnus Greel (from the Fourth Doctor story ‘Talons of Weng Chiang‘)

Pictured below (L to R): SV7 Robot (from the Fourth Doctor story ‘Robots of Death‘), the Sixth Doctor (with Sonic Lance), and D84 Robot (from the Fourth Doctor story ‘Robots of Death‘)

Pictured below (L to R): a Zygon (from the Fourth Doctor story ‘Terror of the Zygons’), the Fourth Doctor (with Sonic Screwdriver), and the special Collect-and-Build K1 Robot with Disintegrator Gun (from the Fourth Doctor story ‘Robot’)

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