Retro Doctor Fate T-Shirt

Here is an awesome retro Doctor Fate t-shirt I just got!  I’m a huge Doctor Fate fan, so I was thrilled to find this.  You can order your own from PopFunk.com by clicking here.

Here is a close-up of the graphic.  The t-shirt color came out gray in the photo, even though it’s actually slate blue as shown above.  I’m not 100% confident who the artist is, but after doing some research and consulting with experts we believe it was drawn by Dick Giordano.  I don’t know when it premiered, but the Doctor Fate logo has been around since at least Flash #306 (February 1982) when the good Doctor began appearing as a back-up strip in that book.


I recently purchased another Doctor Fate t-shirt.  You can find that shirt on display in today’s FIRESTORM FAN post.  Check it out!

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3 Responses to “Retro Doctor Fate T-Shirt”

  1. BubbaShelby Says:

    Wow I LOVE IT!

    Link sent to wife – let’s see if she gets it for me ;)

  2. Maya T-shirt Lover Says:

    Dr. Fate is my hero!

  3. DC Comics' JLA t-shirts featuring Firestorm | Firestorm Fan Says:

    […] Here is a close-up of the graphic.  I’m not 100% confident on the artist, but after doing some research and consulting with experts we believe this image is most likely a Jim Starlin drawing.  I love the clean lines on Firestorm.  Really sharp.  And I get Doctor Fate on the same shirt!  Yay!  If you like Doctor Fate, be sure to check out today’s post at ONCE UPON A GEEK. […]

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