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Once Upon a Geek readers… everybody please say HOWDY!

Dear ONCE UPON A GEEK reader,

First, thank you for reading my blog.  I sincerely appreciate you taking time out of your busy day to read what I have to say about our geeky world.  I mean that.

Second, while at a conference this week I’ve been hearing lots about social networking and how businesses can create online communities.  Then it occurred to me that we’ve developed our own little community here at ONCE UPON A GEEK.  Since most readers are lurkers and we receive very few comments, you may be surprised to hear that in the last month ONCE UPON A GEEK has had over 30,000 unique visitors.  Wow!  Admittedly, many of those are people being directed to specific older posts (like the Halloween Costumes or the Star Trek pictures).  However, there is a consistent daily readership numbering in the hundreds here at ONCE UPON A GEEK.  You may not have realized it, but you’re in good company.

Today I’d like to ask each of you reading this to leave a comment saying hello.  Yes, I’m talking to you.  Take this opportunity to promote yourself, your web sites, blogs, interests, or just say HOWDY.  We truly are a community of geeks, so we should get to know each other better.  This is not a scam or a campaign of some sort.  I would genuinely like to hear from the readers, and give all of you a chance to get to know each other.

If you’ve never left a comment before, it’s really easy.  Either you’ll see the comment/reply information to fill out below, or just click the word “comments” in the bottom right-hand corner of this post.  Then type in your contact information and leave a comment.  If this is your first time commenting, it will come to me for moderation, I’ll approve it, and then it will appear on the site.  If you are worried about providing your e-mail address, don’t sweat it.  First, your e-mail address won’t appear with the comment.  Second, if you do provide your e-mail address rest assured that I will never use the e-mails supplied from comments for any marketing purposes.  No worries there.  Third, if you are really concerned, just put in a fake e-mail address; it doesn’t bother me.

My goal is simply to provide a networking opportunity for all of us.

Thanks again for reading and I look forward to hearing from you.


The Irredeemable Shag

27 thoughts on “Once Upon a Geek readers… everybody please say HOWDY!

  1. Greetings and salutations to everyone.
    I am a regular here and participate in comments from time to time. I am also a regular over at The Unique Geek (, its community forum (, and its spinoff podcast Technical Difficulties ( I even have a personal blog but I doubt it would interest any of you; it’s pretty ordinary.
    If you like what you read at this blog, which I’m sure you do and will, you may also find some interesting stuff over at The Unique Geek. Hope to see you there.
    Happy trails to you all.

  2. Happy Wednesday. I am a regular visitor here and a member of the Unique Geek community. I wish I knew as much about comics as Shag does, because I would blog about them all day, every day. I leave the heavy lifting to the elite geeks while occasionally contributing my two cents on my own blog. Wednesday is my favorite day of the week.

  3. Hello!

    Enjoy the site immensely!

    If you like to listen to podcasts of a geek nature, you could try my podcast which is on iTunes called “The Atomic Geeks”. Four Canadian guys just talking about all kinds of geek stuff. We are new to the world of podcasting so please keep that in mind as we talk a lot of nonsense and laugh at our own jokes for about an hour.

  4. Ooh, did I get the final word in (again)?

    I’m Stuart Renton and I’ve had a few novels and gamebooks published of no real significance (I did work on the Doctor Who RPG which I think gives me some kudos). I’ve got a website that no one looks at any more and a column that no one reads…

    But, I’ve got a new website coming out, which will coincide with my new book, and the angels will fall down from Heaven and Shag will prostrate himself in wonder before me, and the word will tremble at the sheer magnificence of my work!

    Or it probably wont!

  5. Hi. I’m Doug and since we were invited to self-promote, I write reviews over at I also wrote, designed and edited the Hawkman Companion from TwoMorrows and am working on a second book, not from TwoMorrows.

    I just started a little blog of my own, where I plan to visit the adventures of the Doom Patrol with some degree of regularity.

    I’ll be updating it more frequently . . . soon.

  6. Hi there,

    I’ve been a working cartoonist for over 20 years and have come to the conclusion that I want to do things my way; no editorial interferrence, just me and the great unwashed, as it where. Well, having stumbled upon ‘Sheldon’ the on line strip and from there ‘Copper’ I’ve decided to start my own site which will be a fantasy/humour/adventure strip but done in cartoon. If you’re interested in finding out more, or more importantly, if you have any suggetsions on how I could avoid pitfalls please visit my website and let me know what you think


  7. Hello from NYC, Shag and friends! I run a blog thats primarily about comics, but it”s got a little bit of everything – if I’m feeling Doctor Who-ish, that’s what I’m going to write about.

    In addition to being a great blogger himself, Shag has been unbelievably cool and supportive of my blog, Groovy Superhero.

    Stop by and say hello!

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