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Doctor Who – Matt Smith’s Doctor in Costume

The new season of Doctor Who starring Matt Smith officially started filming yesterday.  The BBC released the first pictures of Matt Smith in costume as the Doctor, along with Karen Gillan playing his companion Amy Pond.

Notice Gillan’s shoes in the picture below.  It sure looks like she’s wearing David Tennant’s red Converse high-tops.  Wonder if that’s coincidence or a plot point.

Smith’s new costume is being described as “Science Teacher Chic”.  Since they originally described David Tennant’s look as “Geek Chic”, perhaps this is just an extension of that concept.  When I first saw Smith’s costume on Monday, it didn’t sit well with me.  Now after some time has passed, it’s growing on me.  The 1950s styling is a nice contrast to Matt Smith’s youthful appearance.  It sort of works.  Additionally, Matt Smith has a very friendly face, which is encouraging.

If your initial reaction to Smith’s new costume is apprehension, then just consider how people probably felt the first time Tom Baker’s costume was revealed.

What’s up with the TARDIS appearance below?  That design is straight out of the premier episode of the original series in 1963.  Huh?  Is the chameleon circuit going to reset or something?  Have they changed the design inside as well?  I guess we’ll have to wait and find out.

I heard one person liken Matt Smith’s look to Crispin Glover’s George McFly in Back to the Future.  I can’t say they were wrong.  “Amy… you’re my density.”

A return to Bad Wolf Bay.  Hmmmm… curious.

I’m miserable that David Tennant is leaving the series.  However, that’s a reality us Who fans have to face.  With that said, I’m officially getting anxious for the new season in 2010!  I can’t believe how fast time has flown since they announced the abbreviated season five and Tennant’s departure!

Photos from the Daily Mail onlineClick here to read BBC’s Press Release on the new Doctor Who.

19 thoughts on “Doctor Who – Matt Smith’s Doctor in Costume

  1. Well, I know one thing about the TARDIS’ appearance. Apparently series 5 is being shot in HD finally so they wanted to make a new TARDIS for that. I guess maybe it has more fine detail than the one they’ve been using or something. Also, apparently people on one of the forums were complaining that Tennant’s TARDIS wasn’t the right shape and the windows were wrong or something. I guess maybe they figured while rebuilding it they’d make it as accurate as possible to the original series.

    Oh and I quite like 11’s appearance. Seems like with both 10 and 11 they’ve had an old-fashioned element or two (10’s waistcoats, 11’s bowtie), but the rest has been quite contemporary. Also, a young guy wearing rather old-fashioned clothes is quite cool and lends itself to that “old man in a young man’s body” kinda thing the Doctor usually does so well. Just my two pence. 🙂

  2. Hmmm. Its not a bad look overall. Perhaps this Doctor will be more of a “nerd” than Tennant’s “geek” portrayl. Smith has a very what I call “BBCish” look in that he wouldn’t look out of place in a staid adaption of an Austen or Dickens novel. Suits a guy playing Doctor Who. After the austere urban look that Ecclestein had and then the “geek chic,” this is a nice change. Karen Gillan also looks very young, which I guess is to be expected.

    The bowtie is an interesting touch. Has any other Doctor worn a bowtie as a regular piece of their costume? It almost reminds me of Barry Allen if Barry Allen forgot to get a haircut for a year and a half.

  3. I’m over the ‘look’ now. I thought it was dire when I first saw it, now I just don’t care.

    He could be great, we’ll just have to wait a year to find out 🙂

  4. Wow, can’t believe they didn’t change the hair at all.

    I’ll give it a chance but right now it looks like Flock of Seagulls meets “Bill Nye The Science Guy”

  5. I think it is all a bit worrying. He looks so young, but I’m willing to wait until we see him.

  6. Ok, apparetly Matt has a problem with the costume. Hmmm, if you look back at Tennant’s costume you see very similar throwback to the davison era. Maybe he should watch some ofe Troughton/ Pertwee era. There you have the “Cosmic Clown” and the “Fashion Secret Agent” looks. Thing about about any past Doctor is that they owned there look and personality. I am quite fond of the new look. It takes me back to when the clothes and the man were essentially suited to distinguish the major differences of our precious Doctor Who.

  7. I think he looks dope! yeah he is young but was so was davidson.I do think if the doctors gets any younger then 26 then the show will start to get a bit silly

  8. “Has any other Doctor worn a bowtie as a regular piece of their costume?”

    Two I know of – Patrick Troughton and Jon Pertwee, Doctors two and three respectively.

  9. this new doctor has a sort of Tennant/Troughton/Davidson look… I kinda like it. I just hope the stories live up to us fans expectations, because that’s what really matters.
    -Long Live Pertwee!

  10. Instantly took a liking to the new costume. When I first saw a picture of Matt Smith, I thought he’d never make a good Doctor. Way too young, I thought. I still think he’s a bit young, but maybe he’ll age into the part. But at least we finally have a Doctor who DRESSES like the Doctor. David Tennant’s costume barely passed muster and Christopher Eccleston was simply unacceptable.

    I love that they’re going old-school for the TARDIS. I hope that applies to the interior as well. I always hated the new interior. Too dark and almost biomechanical-looking. I much prefer the older styling. I think they could do something to update the original look while still keeping the same spirit.

    Now if they’ll just tone down the overdramatic music, I might finally be able to believe that Doctor Who is really back!

  11. At first, i thought he looked so stupid. A 26 year old, who looks pretty cool, having to wear an out-of-style tweed jacket, bowtie, and boots (?). But then, i realised he looked rather dashing in brown suspenders and rose shirt, and it quite suits him. I still think he should keep Tennant’s indie-pop/geek chic suit on, cause it looks good on him. Why the hell can’t he?!

  12. hey you big guy dont call doctor who a geek programe or ur dead! im angree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now delet that website! NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

  13. i loved david tennent and i am most disapointed that he has bowed out! he was definetly the best doctor who there has been and i think they could have changed the plot line so that he could stay forever and ever! this new guy is wierd and i want david back!

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