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Doctor Who recommendations for old school fans

I’ve got a few recommendations for the old school Doctor Who fans around here.  That’s not to say more recent fans wouldn’t enjoy these, it’s just I believe these are targeted for us old fogies. DOCTOR WHO – THE FORGOTTEN Within the past couple years, IDW has picked up the Doctor Who comic book license […]


Once Upon A Geek T-Shirts Available Now

Show your support for ONCE UPON A GEEK by ordering one of these super-cool t-shirts through Zazzle! Get ‘em now before the runways of Paris are crowded with these tops. Three designs are displayed below, but you’re not limited to what is shown here.  You’re able to modify the type, size, and color of these […]


REVIEW: Green Lantern First Flight DVD

I finally picked up the DC Universe animated original movie Green Lantern First Flight on DVD.  While the trailers I’d seen looked pretty good, I just wasn’t feeling passionate about watching the film.  My apathy is centered on the lead character, Hal Jordan.  While I really like everything surrounding the Green Lantern concept and universe, […]


John Hughes 1980s Tribute Video

This man was responsible for shaping all of us that grew up in 1980s.  He truly understood teenage angst (and humor). Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Weird Science The Breakfast Club Sixteen Candles Pretty in Pink Some Kind of Wonderful Uncle Buck She’s Having a Baby Planes, Trains & Automobiles Mr Mom Vacation European Vacation Christmas […]


Comic Book Store Employees Can Ruin the Experience

Y’know, the attitude of a comic book store employee can really impact the future profitability of the shop. I’m of the belief that going to the comic book store is a fairly unique experience.  It’s a pilgrimage us hardcore comic geeks make once a week or so.  Most of us have some sort of pull/hold/reserve […]


Calvin and Hobbes For Parents

As a parent, and a geek desperately clinging to his childhood, this image really speaks to me. I’ve been a huge fan of Calvin & Hobbes since the early days of its publication.  I’ve got my own inner-Calvin, so I really connected with the daily strip.  I was very wrapped up in the series back […]


Dancing TARDIS

I’m a huge Doctor Who fan… but WTF?!?! Found here at Gallifreyan Embassy.


Blue Devil #1 Original Thumbnails from Creator

We’ve got an incredibly rare opportunity today to show a never-before-published Blue Devil piece, and witness behind-the-scenes in the development of a comic book.  Gary Cohn, co-creator and co-writer of DC’s Blue Devil, recently unearthed his original sketched thumbnails for Blue Devil #1 (June 1984).  These were thumbnails he drew himself as they plotted the […]


Lore (the irredeemable brother) Has Arrived

We’ve got a special treat today… I’m pleased to present today’s ONCE UPON A GEEK Special Correspondent, Lore (the irredeemable brother)!  That’s right, my brother.  Not exactly my evil twin (as the name might suggest to you Next-Gen-savvy folks), but close enough.  Today’s post is an opportunity for Lore to introduce himself to you readers… […]


REVIEW: Race to Witch Mountain DVD/Blu-ray

I was expecting a basic kid’s movie when I sat down to watch the DVD/Blu-ray of Race to Witch Mountain.  I’ve got two children myself and I’ve sat through a BUNCH of sub-par kid’s movies before.  The original Witch Mountain films still haunt my memory as pleasant childhood viewing, but I wasn’t expecting much from […]

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