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The Final Frontier? No, just the 90s Star Trek CCG

After more than a decade in the attic, we decided to give the old Star Trek: The Next Generation collectible card game a try.  Ed’s in town this weekend (pictured below in his “Nerd Herd” t-shirt from the TV series Chuck) and he decided we should tackle the game again after all these years. After procrastinating for hours, we finally cracked the decks sometime after midnight. Needless to say, this is not a game you can simply jump right into without reviewing the rules closely.  I cleaned Ed’s clock (or Romulan Outpost in this case) and we called it quits after one game.

Below is Ed building his inferior Romulan/Klingon deck.

Here I am trying to remember the rules after something like 14 years.  I suppose we could have bothered to read them before playing, but that would have taken all the fun out of it.  And we discovered we’re getting too old to sit on the floor for very long.

Finally, in going through my old cards we re-affirmed how insanely geeky I really am.  We came across two custom cards I produced myself for the game.   Check them out below.  I color-copied images, then literally cut-and-pasted them together.  Also, it appears I used my old Commodore 64 dot matrix printer for the text boxes.  How frikkin’ hilarious!  I’m such a dork!   As Ed has pointed out, he proclaimed my dorkiness long before these cards were stumbled upon.

Live long and geek out!

9 thoughts on “The Final Frontier? No, just the 90s Star Trek CCG

  1. At least I got my revenge in Trivial Pursuit Silver Screen Edition. And you remember that old Klingon proverb, right?
    “Revenge is a dish best served cold in the form of Trivial Pursuit.”

  2. See… the truth is that it was 3am when we were playing Trivial Pursuit. Ed was getting tired and I felt really bad about DEMOLISHING him in the Star Trek CCG. So I let him win the Trivial Pursuit game. Yup… that’s why he won. It had nothing to do with the fact that I couldn’t answer ANY of those darn questions.

  3. Dang, I have a ton of those cards at home. right next to the magic: The gathering cards. Sigh….

    We played it a couple of times before we got tired of it.

  4. I love those cards! I only played the game a few times (and it was cool too) but I liked collecting the cards anyway. I was working at a comic shop at the time and we’d hold midnight tournaments for the latest and greatest of that weeks worth of tournaments. It was fun. ‘Course, then Star Wars CCG took over…

  5. ED: I was working at a comic shop at the time and we’d hold midnight tournaments for the latest and greatest of that week [and Star Trek got a couple week]s worth of tournaments.

  6. I believe these cards to be valuable in a non-monetary way. I recently (2/2010) also started to rethink the fact I had these card merely collecting dust, all the while being an avid gamer. I realized that I had poor chance of finding any other gamers who had enough cards for a deck, so I gave up the idea of only building one deck. So I used the cards to develop my own modified version of the game, combining the “bright ideas” of the Warp Speed rules and the Sealed Decks modified gameplay, from back in the day. So, I built two identical decks for basic playability, with interchangable options for players who learn my modified game and want to use rares.
    If anyone wants to discuss this or sell me their old collection,

  7. Hey,

    Saw this through google looking for something else. Honestly, the game is not dead. There are a lot of Star Trek CCG players out there who play regularly. Check out for the Player’s Committee who are working hard to keep the First Edition and Second Edition of the game alive with new cards, support, etc.


  8. Hey i stumbled across this site and think its awesome you guys played the CCG game again, I too play it from time to time to this day and I am 30 lol and i even still make my own custom cards still, its such a fun game and a wonderful ever expanding universe. Long live Star Trek!!!

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