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Will the Sentry die during the Siege crossover from Marvel Comics?

Dark Avengers #14 is scheduled to ship on February 17, 2010.  The cover here suggests the character known as the Sentry may perish.

Here is the promotional blurb from Marvel Comics about this issue: The secrets of the Sentry are revealed but is it too late?  Is this a hero reborn or a eulogy?  The most pivotal moment in this controversial character’s life yet is here, and how it affects the siege on Asgard will leave you breathless.

So the big question here is, will the Sentry die?  … Man, I really hope so.  I freakin’ HATE this character.  If you haven’t read my previous rants about the character, click here to enjoy.

If the Sentry really does die on February 17, then party at my house on the 18th!

17 thoughts on “Will the Sentry die during the Siege crossover from Marvel Comics?

  1. The Red Skull so wants to party at your house!

    It’s like a party with Captain Morgan, but it’s the Red Skull wearing a fancy hat with a feather in it.

    Also, the Red Skull does not bring liquor with him. He consumes his host’s liquor.

    When the Red Skull toasts to your health, you’d best toast to his!

  2. oh boy I gots me some intense hate for the Sentry too. What a useless character. Anytime he comes close to doing anything he cries like some little bitch and runs from the ‘void’. oooooooooo. We were punked with his introduction and the punking has continued far too long.

  3. I bet not a one of you sentry haters has read his miniseries’s. I think you should really make an effort to learn about a character before you decide you hate him.

    # The Sentry vol. 1 #1-5 (marvel Knights), Sentry & the Fantastic Four,Sentry & Spider-Man,Sentry & the Hulk,Sentry & the X-Men,Sentry vs. the Void (you could read 1-5 then skip to this one, but youll miss alot of development.)

    Sentry vol. 2 #1-8

    Age of the Sentry 1-6 (or just #6)

    and If youre going for completeness, read New Avengers up to Civil War (or at least 1-3 and 7-10), Mighty Avengers up to dark reign, Dark Avengers up to current (this is all stuff you should have read anyway)

    and my personal favorite Appearance, Vengeance of the Moon Knight #2

  4. Zomblaine – Thanks for your comment. I have read all of his appearances in the various Avengers titles, and Sentry vol 2 #1-8. If you follow the link below, I explain my position fairly clearly on why I don’t care for the Sentry.
    In regard to Sentry vol. 2 #1-8, apparently we read different comic books. Those were some of the most painful comics to read in my 25+ years of comic book collecting. Unfortunately I purchased all 8 issues before I read any of them. If I’d read them as they were coming out, I would certainly have stopped collecting after a few issues. It was practically unreadable.

    Again, thanks for the comment. Sorry we don’t see eye-to-eye on this issue.


  5. Please let the Sentry die.

    Useless character. When you have a character with god-like powers it makes him useless and ruins all the drama around him because writers are always forced to come up with stupid reasons why he can’t just jump in and solve the problem.

    Why do comic creators always insist on making every character more powerful than they already are? It destroys the drama and makes it boring. Superman can’t just be Superman, he has to be God and think a million times faster than anyone else, hear every single sound on the planet, etc. Electro can’t just be Electro, he has to be a living bolt of lightning now. Stupid.

  6. Ugh, we can only hope the Sentry bites the bucket. I’ve never read anything with the Sentry that I actually liked…

  7. I’ve got to disagree. I find the Sentry to be a great character. There is a place for overpowered characters in comics and he fills a dramatic roll that is similar to the old Dark Phoenix issues. Superman with schizophrenia is actually a great idea and, having read pretty much every appearance of the Sentry, I’ve never found him diminishing a comic.

  8. The Sentry is tougher than any spiderman villain,ask carnage.He’s not Norman Osborne,but he brings something to the table that the majority of heroes and villains can’t bring that being real fear!I like him as a villain and can’t wait for Thor to due him in.We love epic battles in Marvel,what would it look like if Thor went around fighting venom,sandman,red skull,or Daken,we saw where that went in Seige 2,they aren’t up to par.The Sentry is good for Marvel no matter what side he’s on and no one is talkin about Dc’s golden boy Superman here,he’s way overrated and is a different kind of character altogether.That series Dc vs Marvel was fan based Supes is okay but he would barely graze the top ten power house wise when there’s a lot of magical based heroes in marvel.The Senry would and oh did anyone know he can rearrange molecules.

  9. I cant wait until the whole marvel universe rapes the sentry cause he sucks big time. He is a whiney pussy who deserves to be killed.

  10. He’s a great villian,actually one to be feared in these times or new era in comics.He can practically dismantle any villian in the MU.He make heroes and villains paranoid.If they kill him so be it,but I support the character and I feel he needs his clock cleaned to the max by Thor.

  11. The Sentry has taken over from the Juggernaut as my favourite character. I hope he stays around but in the background saving planes from falling out of the sky or trains from getting derailed rather than as a main character in the Avengers. Bring him out as a supporting character or to beat the crap out of the Hulks every now and then.

  12. The Sentry is the best thing Marvel’s done in ages. In a few years all the haters will be hating on Marvel for not being like it is now, and now trying the things it’s tried. The Sentry is one of the darkest and most compelling characters of the past 20 years easily.

  13. Thor is my favorite character in Marvel,and i’m glad he dealt with the Sentry.I don’t believe they should have him off though.I have the distinct feeling the Sentry will return when Marvel is in need,inspite of what i saw in Seige 4 I don’t really believe he’s dead.

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