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Star Wars Motivational Posters – Five for Friday

Thanks for sticking with me this week while I’m on vacation.  Here are a few more Star Wars Motivational Posters to reward you.


Star Wars Motivational Poster – R2D2


Star Wars Motivational Poster – Lightsaber


Star Wars Motivational Poster – Hope

Here’s one I made up myself…


Star Wars Motivational Poster – Focus

Howdy folks!  I’m on vacation all this week cruising around the Eastern Caribbean.  Instead of just abandoning the blog all week, I’ll be running one picture a day.  Since the Star Wars Motivational Posters were so popular last week, I’ll be giving you more this week. My thanks to Serv for the content suggestion!


MacGruber Movie Red Band Trailer

Surprisingly, the SNL skit MacGruber (a parody of the TV series MacGyver) has been turned into a feature film.  I enjoyed the skit for what it was (click here for my favorite MacGruber), but I’m not entirely sure there is enough to carry a feature film.  Below you will find the red-band trailer.  In other […]


Star Wars Motivational Posters

I’ve come across some great motivational posters over the years, but these Star Wars ones are some of my favorites. If you love the image above as much as I do, then click here. If you don’t know what “Rule 34″ is, look it up.


I’m a Misfit Avengers Fan

Apparently my love of the Avengers is broken.  I’ve been reading the Marvel comic Avengers faithfully since 1993, however, my favorite eras of the team are those reviled by long-time Avengers fans. When I started reading the book, the classic line-up with Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor didn’t exist.  Sure I read the occasional […]


Win a 7-Foot Jar Jar and help homeless dogs

On March 6, the Big Bend Barkfest will be held in Crawfordville, Florida.  The purpose of this event is to assist the “throw-away” dogs of our society. Sadly, shelters across this nation are full of fine dogs, wonderful pets, and faithful friends. Many are needlessly ill or in pain.  The Big Bend Barkfest helps to […]


Hitler’s Response to Marvel’s Offer to Return DC Ring Comics

Marvel Comics made a surprising offer to comic book retailers earlier this week.  Marvel announced that retailers may trade unsold copies of DC’s Blackest Night “ring” comics for an extremely rare Siege #3 Deadpool variant.  For more information on this story, check out Newsarama. Now we go to our man in the field for his […]

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