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Hope you had a great April Fools’ Day!

April Fools Judd Winick JLA image

I hope you enjoyed the April Fools’ Day gag about Judd Winick’s promotion to DC Comics Editor-in-Chief. This bit of fun was brought to you by:

My thanks to the guys for participating in this last minute prank.  If you enjoyed it, check out our April Fool’s joke from 2009 – Vibe: Rebirth.

One thought on “Hope you had a great April Fools’ Day!

  1. I’ll admit I fell for this, mostly because I’m out of the comics loop enough now that such announcements wouldn’t surprise me.

    (I remember thinking a few years back, “Why is the guy who drew a few issues of Ash and Azrael now in charge of everything at Marvel?!”)

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