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Art Adams Days – Homo Superior

For the rest of this week we’re going to be celebrating ART ADAMS DAYS!  Why you ask?  Because it’s my blog and I say so!  And because Arthur Adams is an amazingly, friggin’ly great artist!!!  Today we’ll be looking at some of his X-Men work.  This is by no means a complete collection of his X-Men work, just some images I picked out to highlight.  I think it’s fair to say that he’s my favorite X-Men artist of all time, even more so than John Byrne.

Mr. Adams did quite a bit of work for the Classic X-Men series in the mid-1980s.  This series reprinted the early adventures of the All-New, All-Different X-Men in chronological order starting with Giant Size X-Men #1.

Classic X-Men #1 cover by Art Adams

The All-New All-Different X-Men by Art Adams

The All-New All-Different X-Men by Art Adams

Classic X-Men #8 cover by Art Adams

Classic X-Men #16 cover by Art Adams

Art’s first real break into Marvel Comics was the Longshot limited series.  I’ve always loved the cover to issue #4, it’s so much fun!

Longshot #4 by Art Adams

Eventually Longshot was added to the X-Men roster.

Uncanny X-Men #218 cover by Art Adams

Uncanny X-Men Annual #14 cover by Art Adams

Wolverine by Art Adams

Here is a neat one.  Art Adams drew his own rendition of the cover to The Incredible Hulk #181 – the first appearance of Wolverine.  Great stuff!

Incredible Hulk #181 with Wolverine by Art Adams

If you’re a fan of Art Adams work, you should really pick up TwoMorrows Modern Masters Volume Six: Arthur Adams.  It’s a gorgeous book that celebrates the work of Art Adams and includes a gazillion obscure Art Adams drawings.  The book is in black-and-white so it really highlights his line work.  Great book!

Be sure to check back here tomorrow for more ART ADAMS DAYS!

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  1. Awesome! Art Adams has always been one of my favs. I recently re-read his Gumby specials. I’ve always loved his work, and I love his detailing. Long live Monkeyman & O’Brien!!

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