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Father’s Day for Geeks!

Father's Day for Superman and Superman Jr (Superman Junior)

I hope all the geek-dads out there had an awesome Father’s Day!  Mine was fantastic and lasted the whole weekend!  Had some good solid family time, got to wander the aisles of a bookstore at my own pace (one of my favorite things to do!), ate an enormous Sonny’s BBQ feast for dinner Saturday, watched some geeky shows/movies at home, had a special home-cooked lunch on Father’s Day, and generally had a great time.   What a fun stress-free weekend!

I received several really nice “normal” Father’s Day gifts.  However, I gotta share this one geek-related item I got…

Darth Vader Bust Bank

It’s a Darth Vader shaped coin bank from my 10 year old step-son.  The attention to detail is AMAZING!  It’s darn-near statue quality detail, but made out of plastic.  It stands about 7 inches tall, 11 inches if you go to the top of the lightsaber.  Now the only thing I gotta wonder is if I should read anything into receiving a Darth Vader present on Father’s Day… hmmm….

Anyone else get some cool geek swag on Father’s Day?

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