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Listen Up: Star Wars Marvel Comics… Plif!

Star Wars Monthly Monday #24 - Plif

Do you love the old Star Wars comics from Marvel?  Then you need to check out Two True Freaks Star Wars Monthly Mondays! Hosts Scott Gardner and Chris Honeywell were kind enough to invite me to join them for Star Wars Monthly Monday #24 (Two True Freaks episode #144). In this episode we’re joined by Joshua Lapin-Bertone, host of another Star Wars Marvel Comics podcast.  This time out we tackled one of my absolute favorite Expanded Universe characters – PLIF!  Here is the description from their website:

In this SPECIAL, EXCLUSIVE 3 HOUR EPISODE, the Freaks turn their focus on one of their favorite Marvel Star Wars comics, “Plif”! Issue #55 introduces us to the Hoojibs and the awesome creative direction that the comics took. Joining the Freaks are Joshua Lapin-Bertone, who has been known to sling a mean Marvel Star Wars podcast himself and The Irredeemable Shag, a man who loves Hoojibs so much that it is probably illegal. Basically, we are pushing the envelope of geekdom here. We’re talking Super-Nerds, Star Wars, comic books, tangents and the epic kiddie record adaptation of the comic – “Planet Of The Hoojibs”! What? You want more?! Well, wait until the end when you get to find out which guest’s HOUSE CATCHES ON FIRE! Seriously, you can hear the smoke alarm…. THAT’S HOW “HOT” THIS SHOW IS!

I had an absolute blast recording! These guys are hilarious and really know their Star Wars. Click here to check out their awesome podcast.

Somewhat related and just for fun… I made a Plif reference on the Dark Horse Comics message board back in 2006 and Star Wars Legacy writer John Ostrander commented!  How cool is that!  Click here for that forum thread.

3 thoughts on “Listen Up: Star Wars Marvel Comics… Plif!

  1. I still have that read-along-cassette!! lol talk about a blast from the past.

    It was my favourite, especially as the creature screams racing after Leia in the cave. That always used to spook me.. back when I was younger of course 😀

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