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Need Halloween Costume Ideas? Look at these from DragonCon!

Here are some Halloween costume ideas! All of these costumes appeared at DragonCon 2010.  Some of these are incredibly elaborate, while others are fairly simple and could be made by you at home with a little time and effort.  There were hundreds (if not thousands) of different costumes at DragonCon. These just happen to represent some of my favorites.  To see all of my DragonCon photos from 2010, visit my Flickr page. If you have a favorite costume that I left out, be sure to mention it in the comments.

A breathtaking Wonder Girl.  This young lady is actually the niece of legendary artist George Perez!

Wonder Girl at DragonCon 2010

A really intricate group of Steampunk Wizard of Oz characters.

Steampunk Wizard of Oz at DragonCon 2010

A fantastic Zod, Ursa, and Non from Superman II! Great costumes for Halloween and not too elaborate.  Kneel before Zod!  … I did!

Zod, Ursa, and Non from Superman II at DragonCon 2010

Kneel before Zod!

Check out this astonishing look-a-like David Tennant Doctor Who!  He’s here with Rose Tyler and the Master. Don’t miss the TARDIS purse on the ground!  These would also make great Halloween costumes that are not too elaborate.

Rose Tyler, David Tennant Doctor Who, and the Master at DragonCon 2010

A fun, sexy dark fairy costume!  You could choose lots of variations to create a similar costume for Halloween.

Random Sexy Costume at DragonCon 2010

A spot-on Joker from Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke! A fairly straightforward costume that is immediately recognizable!

The Joker from the Killing Joke at DragonCon 2010

A very impressive Carrie!  A straightforward costume that would really freak out your friends.

Carrie at DragonCon 2010

DragonCon is Orko approved!

Orko from He-Man at DragonCon 2010

A very flexible Plastic Man!  This guy actually moved like he was made of rubber!

Plastic Man at DragonCon 2010

A sexy variation on Aquaman.  Try Googling ‘Rule 63’.  Ladies, you could apply that rule to any superhero and successfully make it work for Halloween.  Seriously, this is the most viewed picture in my DragonCon 2010 Flickr gallery.  ‘Rule 63’ gets attention.

Aquagirl at DragonCon 2010

A very clever ‘Blue Screen of Death’ costume that you could replicate at home for Halloween!

Blue Screen of Death at DragonCon 2010

B’wana Beast?!?!  This guy gets points for cosplaying such an obscure character!

B'wana Beast at DragonCon 2010

Probably the best Creeper costume I’ve ever seen!  Another ‘Rule 63’ costume!

Creeper at DragonCon 2010

Gleek carrying the Wonder Twins from Super Friends!  Brilliant!

Gleek and the Wonder Twins at DragonCon 2010

Probably the only Fraggle Rock cosplayers I’ve ever seen.  Let’s hear it for the Doozers!

Doozers from Fraggle Rock at DragonCon 2010

A sexy Namorita!

Namorita at DragonCon 2010

Okay this is pretty elaborate, but how cool is this Larfleeze trying to steal Green Lantern’s ring!?!?

Larfleeze tries to steal Green Lantern's ring at DragonCon 2010

Even more elaborate, but amazing!  Kilowog from Green Lantern!

Kilowog at DragonCon 2010

A very clever ensemble – Gilligan’s Island Zombies!  You could apply the Zombie-factor to just about any pop culture character and make it work.

Gilligan's Island Zombies at DragonCon 2010

Tron Legacy character.  The super-reflective tape does amazing things in response to camera flashes.

Tron Legacy at DragonCon 2010

Anyone besides me remember Courage the Cowardly Dog!

Courage the Cowardly Dog at DragonCon 2010

Got tape and a pair of underwear?  Then you’ve got a costume apparently!

Got Duct Tape and a pair of underwear?

A DC Comics and Marvel Comics Amalgam character – Doctor StrangeFate!  Pretty obscure, but I thought it was really cool!

DC/Marvel Amalgam Doctor StrangeFate

A really impressive Martian Manhunter!

Martian Manhunter at DragonCon 2010

The Alpha-Beta Fraternity from Revenge of the Nerds!  Easy and effective costume!

Revenge of the Nerds - Alpha Beta Fraternity

I thought this Wonder Girl was really great!  It’s a fairly obscure version – the Cassie Sandsmark Ame-Comi Wonder Girl.

Wonder Girl - Cassie Sandsmark (Ame-Comi)

A truly impressive Red Tornado!

Red Tornado at DragonCon 2010

I was really impressed with this Songbird from the Thunderbolts.  I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a Songbird cosplayer before.  Here she’s with Captain Marvel and Wolverine.

Captain Marvel, Songbird, and Wolverine at DragonCon 2010

Firestorm the Nuclear Man!  A difficult costume to pull off!

Firestorm at DragonCon 2010


Supergirl at DragonCon 2010

Plan 9 from Outer Space!  Get some friends together and you could pull this off for Halloween!

Plan 9 from Outer Space at DragonCon 2010

Dozens and dozens of DC Comics characters for you to get ideas from.  And yes, that really is George Perez in the center.

DC Comics Photo Shoot with George Perez at DragonCon 2010

A fun moment from that same photo shoot – A live-action recreation of the Crisis on Infinite Earths #7 cover including George Perez himself!

Recreating Crisis on Infinite Earths #7 cover at DragonCon 2010 with George Perez

Red Lanterns! Orange Lanterns! Sinestro Corps! Green Lanterns!  Blue Lanterns! Indigo Tribe! Star Sapphires! Black Lanterns!

Green Lantern Blackest Night photo shoot at DragonCon 2010

Numerous Teen Titans costumes to choose from!  And there’s George again!

Teen Titans photo shoot with George Perez at DragonCon 2010

Finally, the Iron Man dancers from Iron Man 2 along with Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, Justin Hammer, Black Widow, and Nick Fury.  Great costume ideas.  It would definitely take some work and coordination, but it would be worth it!

Iron Man Dancers and Tony Stark at DragonCon 2010

Trick or treat!

9 thoughts on “Need Halloween Costume Ideas? Look at these from DragonCon!

  1. Great gallery!

    Say, the straight-haired Donna Troy posted a comment to my blog the other day with information about some of the cosplayers, like Terra also being Perez’s niece. Pretty cool.

  2. DragonCon seems to attract more attractive cosplayers than most conventions I’ve seen represented on line! Not to mention very creative. Thanks for sharing these pics. The attention to detail on some of them is truly astonishing (even down to nice little touches like the NASA badge on Ursa’s costume!)

  3. Fantastic costumes. One of these years I have to get to a con to see it in person. Back in the ’90’s we had a comic book convention in Bangor (Maine) but the only cosplayers that showed up were the members of the local chapter of Starfleet.

  4. FYI, that’s not Namorita; that’s Namora, Namorita’s mother/source of the cells Namorita was cloned from. She’s been around since the Golden Age and this is her current design as seen in Agents of Atlas.

    And this is an EXCEPTIONAL gallery. Well done!

  5. those were some rad costumes! i don’t know though why anyone would want to be gleek from the wonder twins or orko from the He-Man cartoon but the Creeper, Gen. Zod and co. and the Gilligan’s Island zombies were damn clever for sure. not much imagination with the chick that was wearing some tape and underwear but still nice to look at. other great costumes where people really went all out had to be the Martian Manhunter, Firestorm, the Tron legacy costume, Wonder & Supergirl and the Red Tornado.

  6. oh yeah also the Donna Troy costume. that chick even has a face that kinda looks like Donna Troy making whatever guy ( or girl for that matter!) she might happen to be with one lucky s.o.b!

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