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Listen Up: Star Trek First Contact Discussion

I consider myself a pretty big Star Trek fan.  I’ve seen most of the TV episodes, all the movies, and read quite a few of the novels and comics.  However, I don’t hold a candle to the guys over at Two True Freaks!  These fellas really know their Star Trek! This month they were kind enough to invite me on their show to discuss my favorite Next Generation film, Star Trek: First Contact.  Chris and I had a great time bantering back and forth on the merits and challenges with this film.  Download the episode and give it a listen!  Be sure to hang around to the end to hear my true feelings about Chris.  😉

Two True Freaks Star Trek Monthly Monday - First Contact

Here is the description of the episode from their website:

Scott was busy becoming an official MONORAIL PILOT so Chris invited The Irredeemable Shag to sit in on this special episode focusing on Star Trek: First Contact, the first full Next Generation movie! This is Shag’s first Star Trek episode on Two True Freaks and his enthusiasm shows! Stick around to the end to see exactly how enthusiastic he can get! Continuity issues are hashed out, Oobie Doobie gets played, a Borg Gorn is proposed and so much more!

My thanks to Chris (and Scott) for letting me appear on their show!  I love me some Star Trek and this was a blast to record!  Be sure to check out Two True Freaks!

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