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Kids Read Comics! June 12-13 in Chelsea, Michigan

Kids Read Comics! A very true statement, however, not as many kids are reading comics today as were when we grew up.  Ask yourself, do you encourage kids in your life (your children, nephews, nieces, friend’s kids, neighbors, etc) to read comics?  If the answer is no, then you may want to start thinking about […]


What’s Your Geek Sacred Cow?

From Alert Nerd Press: My Scott and Jean: The Master List It all started with a simple phrase: “That’s my Scott and Jean.” Said phrase was uttered by friend-of-Alert-Nerd Dan Faust on that bastion of 140-character social networking, Twitter. And said phrase means, essentially, “That is my geek sacred cow, the one topic I cannot […]


Mountain Dew… the lifeblood of geeks

I’m a Mountain Dew addict.  If you’re a geek, then it’s quite possible that you are too.  It just tastes so friggin’ good.  And the mega-jolt of caffeine is perfect for those late night gaming sessions, web surfing, comic book reading … or really just about anything.  I tried swearing off the stuff for a […]


Once Upon a Geek on Twitter

You can now find ONCE UPON A GEEK on Twitter. Clearly I was brainwashed this week by listening to all those presentations about social networking.  If you asked me a week ago, I would have said I thought Twitter was pointless.  After hearing a presentation on how to use Twitter productively, I’m willing to give […]


Once Upon a Geek readers… everybody please say HOWDY!

Dear ONCE UPON A GEEK reader, First, thank you for reading my blog.  I sincerely appreciate you taking time out of your busy day to read what I have to say about our geeky world.  I mean that. Second, while at a conference this week I’ve been hearing lots about social networking and how businesses can create online […]


Premio Dardo Award!

First off, sorry I didn’t get to post anything on Thursday.  Real life got in the way.  So to make it up, I’ll give you a double-shot today. Second, ONCE UPON A GEEK has recently been awarded the prestigious PREMIO DARDO award by two different bloggers!  I humbly and graciously accept this honor.  I’d like to […]


My New Blog… Firestorm Fan

Because apparently I don’t spend enough time blogging already, I’ve started another blog!  FIRESTORM FAN – A blog dedicated to DC Comics Nuclear Man – Firestorm!  You can find it at I’ve been running ONCE UPON A GEEK for nearly a year now.  While I love blogging about anything and everything geeky, I wanted to start another […]


PVP Online – Your Order Has Shipped

Here is yesterday’s PVP online strip.  I can totally imagine this happening with me and my wife! However, I imagine my wife’s reaction would be dramatically different than Jade’s was.  Check out PVP online today for the follow-up. Special thanks to Scott Kurtz for granting me permission to reprint this strip.  You can read this strip […]


Writing for Superheroes

I stumbled across this really cool site that gives tips on how to write for superheroes – Superhero Nation: a superhero writing advice site.  They offer their advice and observations about writing, editing, marketing and selling a novel. They also provide resources for the authors of superhero stories. Here is an indexed list of posts […]


Comic Book Blog Recommendations

There are zillions of comic book blogs out there you can spend your time reading.   The trick is, which ones are any good?  I thought I would share with you a few of my personal favorites. I make sure to check these first two every day.  These sites are very well put together and the […]

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