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Geek Themed Keychains

I’ve accumulated quite a few geek related keychains over the years.  I seem to have a weakness for buying them even though I’ve only used a few of these keychains on a regular basis.  Today we’re going to look at the ones I’ve managed to hang onto.

Below are several DC Comics related keychains.  The two Superman keychains on the left were produced in 2000, while the red and yellow Superman “S” shield keychain was produced in 1997.  The Joker keychain was produced in 1989 and was a staple on my key ring for years, hence the pronounced yellowing on the Clown Prince of Crime’s face.  I’m not sure when the far right Superman keychain was produced, but I suspect it was around 2000.  I used to have a similar Green Lantern symbol keychain featuring Kyle Rayner’s original GL logo.  Several of the keychains pictured here were gifts from my good friend Ed.  More recently I carried a silver colored Superman “S” shield keychain.  Sadly it broke and was lost to the keychain graveyard.

DC Comics Keychains

This next keychain is fairly unique.  In June 1994, I attended the Diamond Comics Retailers Convention.  One of the highlighted events was the Fourth Annual Diamond Gem Awards.  This keychain was distributed to all attendees as a neat memento.

Image Comics 1994 Diamond Gem Awards Keychain

Below are a couple Star Wars related keychains.  The Rebel Alliance symbol keychain was produced in 1996 by a company called “The Hollywood Pins”.  The Darth Vader keychain was produced in 1995 and doubles as a self-defense tool.  This sucker is made of metal and has some real weight.  You could seriously hurt someone with this thing.

Star Wars Keychains

Below are a few Star Trek related keychains.  The Star Trek The Next Generation Klingon Knife keychain was produced in 1994 and is identified as a “Rawcliffe Authorized User”.  The Star Trek The Next Generation Star Fleet Academy keychain and the Star Trek Vulcan IDIC keychain were produced the same year by the same company.  If memory serves, I believe the Klingon Knife and Vulcan IDIC keychains were gifts from my buddies Jon and Ron.

Star Trek Keychains

Below are a couple Doctor Who related keychains.  The Seal of Rassilon keychain on the left is erroneously labeled as “Dr. Who Diamond Logo” and was produced by Downpace Ltd.  The TARDIS key on the right is representative of the key used in the 1996 Doctor Who TV movie.  It’s intended for a keychain, however, I’ve been wearing mine on a leather cord around my neck since 1996.  Remember those WWJD bracelets from the 1990s?  The TARDIS key is my version of a WWTDD (What Would the Doctor Do?) reminder.

Doctor Who Keychains

That’s all the geek related keychains still in my possession.  Have you ever carried a geek related keychain?  Do you have any favorites?

10 thoughts on “Geek Themed Keychains

  1. i don’t think that it is the ‘Rebel Alliance’ i think that is the symbol for the New Republic.

  2. I love the Doctor Who ones! I like that they are geeky but in a subtle way. Also fairly fond of the star trek ones.
    My current key chain has a hell butterfly on it from Bleach, the manga/anime. So I guess I do own a geeky keyring.

  3. nothing goes over with the ladies better then whipping out a Klingon phoenix knife key chain when you stick the keys into the ignition of your ride. let me tell ya guys i’ve done quite well over the years with that move 😉

  4. @Rachel – I got the Gallifreyan keychain years ago. Not exactly sure. Probably 1-800-TREKKER back in the mid-90s. Sorry I can’t help more.


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