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Calvin and Hobbes Manga-Style

Here are some interesting manga-style interpretations of Calvin and Hobbes.  The recent Charlie Brown Manga-Style post seemed to spark a lot of discussion, so I thought I’d do another on one of my all-time favorites.  If you have any sense of humor or love for childhood, then Calvin and Hobbes is probably one of your […]


Star Wars Episode III Amputations

While on vacation in Colorado this past week, I watched ‘Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith’ with my 9-year old step-son.  He’s been begging us to let him watch this movie, even though it’s rated PG-13.  I decided to let him watch the movie, but only with his mother and I there […]


New Netbook Purchased While on Vacation

Sorry I didn’t have a post on Monday.  I’m finishing up a week of vacation in Colorado at the gorgeous Charter at Beaver Creek resort (see picture above, and more about the vacation itself later this week).  On the first day out here, my old laptop finally gave out.  The hard drive has been threatening to die for a couple […]


For Serv…

Make sure you’ve got your speakers turned on.  Happy Friday, buddy. If you can’t see the embedded video, click here.


Obama to Appoint Secretary of Geek Affairs…

… or rather, he should.  Check out Paul and Storm’s thoughts on this.  If you went to DragonCon 2008, these guys were the opening band at the & Quick Stop Entertainment’s “Nuts on the Road: Gonzo Sound & Vision” film festival. According to Paul and Storm… as the first geek President, Barack Obama would […]


Vacation for me!

Just a heads-up… I’m leaving today to Colorado for a week.  So expect some content-lite days while I’m chillin’ in the mountains.  I’ll try to keep the posts coming, but vacation comes first. Here is a shot from when I was there in 2004. Simply awesome!  I can’t wait!


Charlie Brown Manga-Style

I don’t really go for anime/manga stuff typically.  However, when I came across these manga-style Peanuts characters, I simply had to post them.  The concept is that the Peanuts gang grew up to be teenagers in modern times. For Snoopy, the artist wasn’t sure which direction to go.  Here are his thoughts on the subject: […]


New Weekly Doctor Who Adventures in 2009

Gonna miss your weekly fix of Doctor Who in 2009 with the reduced television schedule?  Well you can catch weekly new Doctor Who stories in 2009 with Big Finish’s Eighth Doctor adventures!  For sixteen weeks starting in March 2009, you can download a new Eighth Doctor audio adventure from the Big Finish web site every […]


Keith Giffen is Firing on All Cylinders Right Now

If you aren’t reading the current mini-series ‘Reign in Hell‘ and ‘Ambush Bug: Year None‘, then you are really missing out!  Keith Giffen is firing on all cylinders right now. ‘Reign in Hell’ covers a war between two factions for control of Hell. Blaze and Satanus have become the rulers of Purgatory and lead a […]


POLL: Which Star Trek TV Series is Your Favorite?

Which Star Trek TV series is your favorite?  With all the excitement of the new movie coming up, I thought it might be interesting to see which series gets voted most popular.  There are over 75 votes in the poll already, so let’s see how many we can get all together.  I’ll let this poll […]

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