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Win a 7-Foot Jar Jar and help homeless dogs

Win a Life-Size Jar Jar Binks from Big Bend BarkfestOn March 6, the Big Bend Barkfest will be held in Crawfordville, Florida.  The purpose of this event is to assist the “throw-away” dogs of our society. Sadly, shelters across this nation are full of fine dogs, wonderful pets, and faithful friends. Many are needlessly ill or in pain.  The Big Bend Barkfest helps to provide health care needs, such as vaccines, antibiotics, testing supplies and other medications for these dogs so them may be placed into permanent loving homes. By so doing, these dogs will not only enjoy greater comfort and less pain, but a better chance of finding a warm heart with whom to share their love.

You are probably asking yourself, so why does this qualify as “geek”?  Well, Big Bend Barfest is sponsoring a raffle for a life-size statue of Jar Jar Binks.  The winner will be announced at Barkfest in March. For $2.00 per ticket you can take a chance on taking him home. All of the proceeds from the raffle go towards providing care for homeless dogs throughout the Big Bend area of Florida.  To buy raffle tickets, visit their website.

It’s a worthy cause and think of all the things you could do to a 7-foot Jar Jar Binks.  🙂

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