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Star Wars Shirts from TeeFury

I came across this cool t-shirt website called TeeFury!  They’ve got new geeky shirts everyday, many of which are hilarious!  Today I’m presenting several Star Wars themed shirts they’ve featured in the past.  You can’t buy these particular shirts anymore, but they are still worth a chuckle.  Here is the description of TeeFury from their […]


Calvin and Hobbes Did Inception Years Ago

Just in case you’re wondering, Calvin and Hobbes did Inception years ago.  Christopher Nolan clearly ripped off Bill Watterson.  Geez…


Read This Too – Franklin Richards: Son of a Genius

Comics are fun!  Typically when we talk comics here, we’re discussing mainstream superhero titles such as Justice League of America, Aquaman, Flash, or The Avengers.  Today ONCE UPON A GEEK is participating in a loosely-themed crossover with 17 other blogs entitled, “Read This Too!”  The basic idea is for each blogger involved to recommend a […]


Joker, Lex Luthor, and Winnie-the-Pooh a la Calvin & Hobbes

Here are a couple brilliant Calvin and Hobbes inspired bits making their way around the interwebs. This first one comes from the recent Superman/Batman #75 and is by Brian Azzerello and Lee Bermejo.  This comic strip is all over the internet, but I first found it on Forbidden Planet International.  Click the image below to […]


Coolest Piece of Mail I’ve Ever Received at Work

Yesterday at work I received a promotional brochure through the mail.  It’s without a doubt the single coolest piece of mail I’ve ever received at my office.  What was the brochure promoting you ask?  I have no idea.  It was the postage stamp used to mail the piece that made it so cool. Awesome.  Just […]


Calvin and Jobs

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know I love me some Calvin & Hobbes.  Well here is a clever parody where Hobbes has been replaced with Steve Jobs from Apple.  These were written by Jacob Lambert and drawn by Gary Hallgren.  Click each image to enlarge.


One of the more depressing cartoons I’ve seen in a while…

Calvin saying goodbye to Hobbes at Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends.  Click the image to enlarge. So sad.  Don’t ever let go of your inner-child.  I wear mine on the outside.


Bill Watterson, creator of Calvin and Hobbes, gives first interview since 1989

Bill Watterson gave an interview this week to Plain Dealer reporter John Campanelli.  This was Watterson’s first interview since 1989.  Below is an excerpt: JC: Because your work touched so many people, fans feel a connection to you, like they know you. They want more of your work, more Calvin, another strip, anything. It really […]


Calvin and Hobbes Snow Days – Day Five

Happy New Year!  Today is the final day of CALVIN AND HOBBES SNOW DAYS!  I hope you’ve enjoyed these snowmen strips all week.  Also, have you made a pledge yet to Dear Mr. Watterson, a film that will look to the readers and fans of Calvin & Hobbes to tell the story of the strip […]


Calvin and Hobbes Snow Days – Day Four

Today is day four of CALVIN AND HOBBES SNOW DAYS!  Enjoy these snowmen strips.  Also, please consider making a pledge to Dear Mr. Watterson, a film that will look to the readers and fans of Calvin & Hobbes to tell the story of the strip and its creator.  For more information on the fund raising […]

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