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Star Wars Resume – Comic Books

Continuing my Star Wars Resume!  In the summer of 1981, I discovered Star Wars comic books.  Prior to then I’d picked up an issue or two like any kid might have picked up Archie or Sad Sack.  When I bought Marvel Comics Star Wars #50 off the shelf, I knew I was buying something different.  […]


Marvel Comics New Universe Ad – 1986

Set your Wayback Machines and Flux Capacitors for July 22, 1986, 4:22 a.m., EST – The White Event! This awesome advertisement ran in numerous Marvel Comics in 1986.  It was all leading up to The New Universe! D.P. 7 (Displaced Paranormals 7) (created by Mark Gruenwald) (32 issues, one annual) – D.P. 7 focuses on […]


Captain Marvel, The Last Good Dead Superhero

When I was growing up, there was a golden rule generally accepted by comic book readers.  The rule was that Jean Grey could come back to life as often as Marvel wanted, but there were four characters that should forever remain dead.  They were: Bucky Barnes, Flash (Barry Allen), Robin (Jason Todd), and Captain Marvel […]


Spent Time Reading Comics This Past Weekend

Instead of blogging about comics, this weekend I actually read some! I’ve literally got stacks and stacks of comics I’m behind on reading. I only got through 17 comics this weekend, most of which were Marvel Siege-related titles. Here are the titles I read and some quick thoughts on them (and they do contain SPOILERS): […]


Stan Lee’s Oscar Campaign

From Funny or Die, here is Stan Lee’s bid for the Oscars… Stan Lee’s Oscar Campaign from Stan Lee


Hitler’s Response to Marvel’s Offer to Return DC Ring Comics

Marvel Comics made a surprising offer to comic book retailers earlier this week.  Marvel announced that retailers may trade unsold copies of DC’s Blackest Night “ring” comics for an extremely rare Siege #3 Deadpool variant.  For more information on this story, check out Newsarama. Now we go to our man in the field for his […]


Star Trek Starfleet Academy Sweatpants

Here are some sweatpants I picked up back in 1995.  I really like the novelty of having “Property of Starfleet Academy Athletic Department” printed on them.  Most people don’t even notice what is printed on the sweatpants because so many schools print “Property of … Athletic Department” on their clothes.   Also, if you enjoy Starfleet […]


Marvel Comics Buys Marvelman

If you’ve been reading about San Diego Comic Con, then you’ve already heard that Marvel Comics has purchased the rights to Marvelman.  While Marvel has purchased the rights to Marvelman from the original creator, it’s unlikely they will be able to reprint the 80’s & 90’s material that was published as Miracleman. If you are […]


REVIEW: New Mutants #1

New Mutants #1 from Marvel Comics was released back on May 6.  It took me a while to get to this one as I’m behind in my reading, but it was definitely worth the wait. For me, this comic felt like Homecoming.  All my favorite New Mutants were there, but they had grown up. A […]

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