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New Star Trek T-Shirt

I was given this awesomely-retro t-shirt by my brother, Lore, the same weekend the recent Star Trek movie premiered.  I’ve been meaning to post it for weeks, but just hadn’t gotten around to it.  I love the classic 1982-ness of the shirt.  The pre-faded appearance makes it look like it could have actually come from […]


New Action Figures and T-Shirt

I picked up some new action figures recently.  From the DC Direct Justice League International line, I picked up Black Canary and Ice.  I’ve got Fire on order, but she’s not due for a while.  This will help me fill out my DC Direct JLA collection of figures.  I’m one of the few people that […]


Retro Doctor Fate T-Shirt

Here is an awesome retro Doctor Fate t-shirt I just got!  I’m a huge Doctor Fate fan, so I was thrilled to find this.  You can order your own from by clicking here. Here is a close-up of the graphic.  The t-shirt color came out gray in the photo, even though it’s actually slate blue as […]


Recently Acquired Comic Book T-Shirts

I got a couple new comic book t-shirts recently.  My local comic book shop (Cosmic Cat Comics, Games & Anime) had a New Years Day sale – all t-shirts only $6.  So I couldn’t resist these two. Here is an inspiring Aquaman image by the fantastic Alex Ross. Here is a bold shirt based on […]


Comic Book T-shirt Gallery – The DC Shirts

On Monday I featured quite a few comic book related t-shirts from my closet.  Today I’m finishing up the tour of my wardrobe by showing off my DC comics shirts.  Please feel free to share any of your favorite t-shirts you own either by commenting or via e-mail! A great Superman t-shirt given to me […]


Comic Book T-shirt Gallery

I bought a new comic book t-shirt this weekend at Kohls and it got me thinking about what to wear to Dragon*Con.  I looked through my closet and was amazed at how many comic book t-shirts I had amassed.  I mean seriously, these things pile up.  Back when I managed a comic book store, you […]


Tony Stark Was Right!

This t-shirt design is crazy funny, but I’m sure also very controversial.  It was worn by Matt Fraction, writer of The Invincible Iron Man comic book, at the recent San Diego ComicCon.  I’m not entirely certain who to thank for this awesome design, but Matt was pointing everyone to “Tony Was”.  Personally, I stumbled […]


New Geek Shirt & A Personal History Lesson

I recently got a new geek-related t-shirt I thought I would share.  This one I picked up from Kohl’s.  I absolutely love the image, especially the bit across the top, “#1 in a Twelve-Issue Limited Series“, just like the comic featured. I wish it wasn’t on dark gray, it makes the colors look muted.  But […]


Father’s Day… MY DAY!

What a great Father’s Day I had!  My wife made chocolate chip muffins for breakfast, I spent the morning playing with the kids, then we all swam in pool for the first time this season, next I got to eat Sonny’s barbeque for lunch, and finally we went to the comic book shop!  What a fun stress-free day! […]


Doctor Who’s Original Bad Ass

Doctor Who’s first bad ass (and one of my favorite characters) was Abslom Daak, Dalek Killer.  He first appeared in 1980 in a back-up comic strip published in Doctor Who Weekly (later called Doctor Who Magazine).  He was created by writer Steve Moore and artist Steve Dillon.  Dillon went on to fame as one of […]

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