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Super Powers Collection 25th Anniversary – Blog Crossover **UPDATED**

*** UPDATED WITH MORE LINKS *** CELEBRATING DOCTOR FATE (AND NEARLY BLUE DEVIL) IN THE SUPER POWERS COLLECTION! Fourteen different blogs have combined forces today to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Kenner’s Super Powers Collection! While we’ll be looking at Doctor Fate here (as well as the proposed Blue Devil figures), every other blog in […]


Blue Devil DC Direct action figure

I got my Blue Devil DC Direct action figure a couple weeks ago, but this is the first chance I’ve had to write about it.  The figure looks great!  Below you’ve got a picture of the Blue Devil packaging.  This figure is part of the History of the DC Universe series of figures, all based […]


Star Wars Muppet Figures

A while back my wife picked up these cute Star Wars Muppet pvc figures for me at one of the Disney theme parks.  They are adorable!  Characters include: Fozzie the Bear as Chewbacca  (brilliant casting!) Rizzo the Rat as Yoda  (love the green ears!) Gonzo as Darth Vader  (hilarious!) Kermit the Frog as Luke Skywalker […]


New Action Figures and T-Shirt

I picked up some new action figures recently.  From the DC Direct Justice League International line, I picked up Black Canary and Ice.  I’ve got Fire on order, but she’s not due for a while.  This will help me fill out my DC Direct JLA collection of figures.  I’m one of the few people that […]


New Doctor Who Classic Cybermen Action Figures

I just got some new Doctor Who Classic action figures!  This time out it was a set of four Cybermen that were just released.  Each Cyberman came with a “Collect and Build” piece to create a fifth figure, the classic Cyber Controller.  I took a picture to show them off, but it didn’t come out […]


Doctor Who Classic Action Figures… MINE, MINE, MINE!

You may recall back in September I was anxiously awaiting my Doctor Who Classic action figures from Character Options.   These are new Doctor Who action figures based upon stories from the original series (years ranging from 1963-1989).  My figures finally arrived just before Thanksgiving, but I haven’t had a chance to post them until now. […]


Christmas at the Irredeemable Household

All in all, it was a good Christmas.  The kids woke up to a nice haul on Christmas morning and everyone seemed to enjoy the day.  We also visited with some in-laws that came by, and that seemed to go well.  On the whole, it was an enjoyable day with less stress than expected. I […]


Aquaman Week Addendum – Action Figures

Thanks to everyone that stopped by during AQUAMAN WEEK here at Once Upon a Geek.  Based upon comments and number of hits, it seemed to be of interest to lots of folks.  I’m glad to hear that. Today is an addendum to AQUAMAN WEEK.  Below you will find a picture of my Aquaman figures.   I […]


Blue Devil Action Figure Announced!

Dude, I’m totally jazzed!  It’s just been announced that DC Direct will be producing a Blue Devil action figure!  That’s right, because I demanded it!  Yup, just me.  I can’t imagine anyone else besides me has been clamoring for this.  Blue Devil just so happens to be one of my top five favorite superheroes of […]


Doctor Who Classic Action Figures Finally Ship!

The Doctor Who Classic action figures from Character Options started shipping in mid-August.  Unfortunately, there were severe allocations to most retailers.  Therefore many of us have been stuck waiting for the second wave of figures to ship, even though we pre-ordered.  If you’ve ever ordered action figures before, then you know that subsequent waves (after […]

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