New ‘Fanboys’ Trailer Online!

Fanboys the movie is still making forward progress!  Yay!  They’ve released an updated trailer that is probably more understandable for non-geeks.  Back in May I posted the original trailer, which you can still see by clicking here.  Below you’ll find the new trailer.  Learn it.  Know it.  Live it!

If you enjoyed that, you’ll probably like this too.  Not a movie trailer, but still something funny.  :)

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9 Responses to “New ‘Fanboys’ Trailer Online!”

  1. Todd Elliott Says:

    I’ve been wanting to see this. It looks pretty good.

  2. 44 Says:

    I can’t wait for Fanboys!!!!

  3. lessthan12parsecs Says:

    Fanboys looks like a lot of fun, can’t wait.

    And I will never get tired of the Star Wars vs Star Trek video. Wish I had that kind of time…oh wait, I do. I lack the talent and the patience to put something that funny together.

  4. Shag Says:

    Any my thanks to you, lessthan12parsecs, for directing me to this video in the first place!

    You always find the coolest things. Hope you don’t mind when I swipe them. :)

  5. Erika Says:

    I am really looking forward to Fanboys. Looks funny as hell.

  6. twilitezoner Says:

    Funny stuff.

    A squadron of Tie Fighters would have ate the Enterprise for lunch. Just saying…

  7. Steagus Says:

    Only because Jean-Luc is so passive did they even get the opportunity to use the “Force”.

    It’s a good thing WhinyHelmetHead didn’t encounter a Klingon or Romulan ship first.

    Otherwise some random scene in a future Star Trek episode you’d see a black helmet on the mantal of some Klingon Captain’s throne room.

    And by throne I mean toilet. (Hey! Whoever’s writing the new Star Trek series feel free to use that. They did it with Aliens. :P )

  8. rob! Says:

    That Trek vs Wars thing was better than Generations!

  9. Stuart Renton Says:

    Star Wars vs Star Trek – hysterical. I’d not seen it before

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