Anticipating the arrival of Ed, Serv, and Lore (the irredeemable brother)

Great weekend coming up!  Lots of folks coming into town, including Ed, Serv, and Lore (the irredeemable brother).  In case you are wondering, the random picture above represents things we’ll probably get up to this weekend.  The new Star Trek DVD will most likely be watched (love the Enterprise shaped DVD case).  Lore and I will likely battle wits in a thrilling game of Bananagrams.  Ed wants to dust off our Star Trek: The Next Generation collectible cards from the mid-90s and give it a go again.  And the stuffed R2-D2 is there to represent all the Star Wars chatting that will go on with Serv.

In case you’re wondering, yes that is an original 1977 R2-D2 stuffed animal.  What can I say… I don’t throw things away.

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One Response to “Anticipating the arrival of Ed, Serv, and Lore (the irredeemable brother)”

  1. Ed Says:

    Looking forward to it.

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