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Aquaman: Respect the King

AQUAMAN WEEK continues here at Once Upon a Geek! Aquaman takes a lot of heat from comic book fans and comedians alike.  With his particular powers and the general public’s awareness of him, he makes an easy target.  However, he really deserves more respect than he gets. Aquaman achievements… Many people don’t realize this, but […]


Aquaman Week: Long Live the King

It was bound to happen sooner or later… it’s AQUAMAN WEEK here at Once Upon a Geek! Now for all you Aqua-haters out there, please give this week a chance.  Who knows, maybe you’ll learn something interesting. If nothing else, hang around so you can make pithy “go talk to some fish” comments. Why I […]


Blue Devil vs Dr Fate [Original Sketch]

While at DragonCon this year, I commissioned a sketch from artist David Wong.  I’d seen some of his work in the past at DragonCon and was impressed.  He doesn’t draw comics for the primary publishers, but he appears to make his living off his art. I just received my commission in the mail.  The image […]


Blue Devil Action Figure Announced!

Dude, I’m totally jazzed!  It’s just been announced that DC Direct will be producing a Blue Devil action figure!  That’s right, because I demanded it!  Yup, just me.  I can’t imagine anyone else besides me has been clamoring for this.  Blue Devil just so happens to be one of my top five favorite superheroes of […]


Coming in 2013 from DC Comics… “Aquaman: Rebirth”

So my new pet theory is that Geoff Johns & Ethan Van Sciver will give Aquaman their “Rebirth” treatment within the next few years.  I’m going to put a target date of 2013 on it simply because there was four years between “Green Lantern: Rebirth” and “Flash: Rebirth”.  With “Flash: Rebirth” coming out in 2009, […]


New Aquaman Figure Coming from Mattel

Dude … Friggin’ Sweet!  Mattel keeps finding ways to get my money!  They are planning to put out quite possibly the coolest Aquaman figure of all time!  In 1986, there was a fantastic Aquaman mini-series by Neal Pozner and Craig Hamilton.  In this series, they gave Aquaman a new costume (supposedly designed to be underwater […]


Flash Week Addendum

Thanks to everyone who stopped by during FLASH WEEK.  Based upon comments and unique visitors, it appears to have been well received.  Just a few additional pieces worth mentioning that came up after last week … Flash Companion by TwoMorrows Publishing The highly-anticipated Flash Companion was recently published by TwoMorrows (the company that puts out […]


The Future of the Flash

FLASH WEEK concludes here at ONCE UPON A GEEK… Okay, first let me say that I’m in New Orleans and smashed as hell.  Seriously, I’m friggin’ hammered right now.  I’m drinking my second hurricane, after several drinks (which included a “hand grenade”).  I sorta kinda can’t feel my face right now.  So whatever I say […]


Flash: The Fastest Man Alive in Moving Pictures

FLASH WEEK continues here at ONCE UPON A GEEK… Today I decided to highlight some of Flash’s exploits captured for television. This first clip is probably the best TV Flash moment ever! It stars the Wally West Flash from the Justice League Unlimited episode “Divided We Fall”. The voice was provided by Michael Rosenbaum. This […]


Favorite Flash Covers

FLASH WEEK continues here at ONCE UPON A GEEK… Today we’re talking about my Flash collecting and spotlighting some of my favorite covers. As I mentioned on Monday, I didn’t start collecting the Flash comic faithfully until 1992 with Mark Waid’s run.  However, I had managed to pick-up several issues here and there prior to […]

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